Heavy fines for illegal parking by trucks in Mumbai

Owners of heavy vehicles such as trucks, tempos and buses will be slapped with hefty fines if found within 500 metres of the over 20 public parking lots (PPLs) in the city of Mumbai, as per a new directive laid down by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

The BMC plans to levy high penalty on illegal parking to free up roads of traffic jams. For the second phase of the initiative, the BMC has already begun to identify arterial roads, other than those around PPLs, to be marked as no parking zones too.

On July 7, the BMC implemented the new rules that prescribe penalties ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 for unauthorised parking. For now, action is being taken against the parking of vehicles within 500 metres of 29 public parking lots (PPL). In first two days since the rule was implemented, the BMC collected Rs 8.69 lakh in fines.

“Many of these PPLs have a huge parking capacity which is not used as motorists choose not to park there to avoid walking some distance to their destination. Therefore, in an effort to encourage motorists to make use of these designated parking spaces, we have to decided to impose a heavy penalty. Our intention is not to harass motorists and therefore we will first try and inform them about the penalty when they park illegally. If despite requests they do not cooperate and continue to park outside PPLs, they will have to pay a penalty,” said a civic official.

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