India Soon to Get Electric Commercial Vehicles
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India Soon to Get Electric Commercial Vehicles

India will soon get its first set of all-electric commercial vehicles through Croyance Automotive. The Gujarat-based automotive startup will launch two electric Intermediary Commercial Vehicles (ICV) in the country by October 2019: Electro 1.tonne and Electro 2.tonne. The Indian EV company was started back in 2015 by lady-entrepreneur, Kapila Soni.

Croyance Automotive aims to attain an annual sales target of 1500-2000 unit by launching the trucks in six main Indian cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Nagpur, Jaipur and Mumbai. The company has also partnered with TVS Auto Assistance for after-sales services.

The Croyance Electro 1-tonne and 2-tonne has a kerb weight of around 2000kg. Powered by six batteries, both electric commercial trucks feature two charging modes: Normal and Turbo (fast-charging). The claimed range is around 120km on a single charge. This makes it an ideal choice for town-to-town commercial activities, but not for long hauls.

Speaking about the pricing of the new Croyance electric trucks, Kapila Soni shared, “The price range of our models is quite less expensive as compared to any other big brand. The ex-showroom price of the vehicle will be around Rs 7-7.5 lakh which is almost half of the price of products that are present in the market.”

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