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Manufacturers looking at producing fully built trucks

As the truck market drives towards higher gross vehicle weight (GVW) thanks to the new safety and emission norms, the earlier practice of producing trucks without chassis or load bodies will soon be a thing of the past. According to top truck marketers, the fully built up truck segment will see major growth in coming months as part of the premiumisation drive in commercial vehicles.
Tata Motors, the market leader in commercial vehicles, is also increasingly focusing on factory built cabins and truck bodies. “It’s part of the premiumisation drive in CVs which is about features and attributes that improve cost efficiency for the customer. In tippers, for instance, we are migrating to fully-built vehicles in a big way. We are also focusing on fully-built tractor trailers and in intermediate and light commercial vehicles more than 90% come fitted with cabin and load body,” said Girish Wagh, president-commercial vehicles business unit, Tata Motors.
The factory-fitted cabin and body is also necessitated by the growing interest in AC cabins.

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