Speeding fines to increase for trucks in Delhi NCR

In the aftermath of the bus accident that killed 29 people on the Yamuna Expressway, the traffic police have decided to include from Monday a fine for not having speed governors on drivers of commercial vehicles who are challaned for speeding.

The move will substantially increase the amount of fine for speeding, which is Rs 2,000 for light commercial vehicles and Rs 4,000 for medium and heavy commercial ones. The penalty for not having a speed governor is Rs 2,500 for a light commercial vehicle and Rs 5,000 for medium/heavy ones.

The move has, however, led to opposition from operators of tourist and school buses, who dubbed the decision a case of “over-breach”. Experts, too, pointed out that since the central government has suggested on multiple occasions that speed governors could be abolished in the future, the local authorities should tread cautiously on the matter.

“There are speed governors in most commercial vehicles. But we have noticed that many operators tend to tamper with them and disconnect them with the engine. This causes the vehicle to breach the speed limit despite the speed governor being installed in it,” said Anil Jha, SP (traffic).

With the two fines clubbed together, a light commercial vehicle found speeding will now have to shell out Rs 4,500 while the fine would be Rs 9,000 for heavy vehicles. The rule will be in place only on the Yamuna and the Noida-Greater Noida expressways.

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