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Top 5 Most Used Commercial Vehicles in India

Are you looking for a commercial vehicle to buy? Why don’t you buy one of the most used commercial vehicles in India? Read on to check the complete list of most used commercial vehicles in India.

1) Tata SFC 407


You’ll find this truck on the roads all over India. If you are looking to buy a truck larger than the Ace then this might be the right choice for you. This truck also comes with a deck option in the body configuration. With the maximum payload capacity of 3424 kg, this truck can reach up to the maximum speeds of 110 km/h. Starting from a price range of 7.63 lakhs, this truck is the most used in India.


tata ace

This truck is liked by a large number of small businesses in India. It also features among the highest selling light commercial vehicle in India. With a payload capacity ranging from 600 – 1300 kg, this truck gives a mileage of 21.9 km. High-durability and low maintenance costs are the two main reasons that can be attributed to the popularity of this truck in India. Although the cabin of this truck is not very comfortable, still other features hide this drawback to a great extent.

3) Ashok Leyland 1616

If you are looking for the best value for money kind of truck in India, then this truck will fulfill all your requirements. It is known for having the most durable TCIC engine with a capacity of 5.6 liters and compliant with BS-III emission norms. It also offers medium range payload capacity, i.e. around 9000 kg. It is a powerful and sturdy truck as per the user reviews and offers much more than just specified in the papers.

4) Tata LPT 1613

tata lpt

Wish to transport huge amounts of load? This truck offers you a payload capacity of 12000 kg. Its chassis is well-built ladder type with heavy duty frame having rivetted and bolted cross members. You need to buy this truck if you are in the business of transporting heavy goods and materials. Compliant with the BS-IV norms, the engine of this truck can give you a maximum power of 136 BHP and a maximum speed of around 80 kmph.

5) Ashok Leyland 3118

ashok leyland 3118

The truck offers a payload capacity of around 24000 kg. This one is a durable vehicle. Ashok Leyland 3118 should be given preference over the Tata 3118 as it offers more torque and better durability.

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