Top 5 Upcoming Technologies in the Commercial Vehicle Industry

Every industry is privy to advancement due to technological development. And when we look at the transportation sector, a lot is in the pipeline in terms of innovation and investment by stakeholders. We bring to you the top 5 upcoming technologies in the commercial vehicle industry.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With the help of IoT, we can hope to see a host of connected automobiles. A complex network of connected commercial vehicles, all linked together with the help of the internet, is rapidly gaining pace. This will improve on the road, as well as warehouse communication significantly. While this technology has been around for some time now, its implementation in the trucking industry is expected to gain momentum in the coming 5-6 years.

Cloud Computing

The usage of cloud computing has seen steadfast growth in the commercial vehicle industry, the major example of it being telematics. Cloud computing has a major role to play in commercial vehicle production, its services ranging from designing to operations to management of systems. The scalability that comes with cloud computing has the capability to reduce costs incurred and minimizing waste. Communication with the vehicle from a remote location, storing and retrieval of data, all is made possible with cloud computing.


In the automotive industry, dealing with fake machine parts is a big challenge. The industry has been looking for ways to curb this issue for quite some time now. However, with blockchain, this problem can be solved easily. Blockchain will introduce a transparent channel into the system, by formulating a simple method to locate and remove all fake machine parts. This will further enhance the industry by improving all pricing strategies.

Electric CVs

In order to eliminate the harmful impact of the commercial vehicle industry on the environment, electric commercial vehicles are the next logical step. The harmful emissions from the trucks, along with excessive fuel consumption has paved the way for the introduction of alternate sources of energy. Electric trucks will be on the rise, owing to the decrease in non renewable sources of energy. From lithium powered batteries to electrically charged trucks, we can expect to see some great models in this segment.

Big Data

The role of Big Data in the commercial vehicle industry is set to rise significantly in the coming years. Development of platforms to enable inter-connectivity between vehicles of the same fleet, with a remote focal point of contact are already underway to be launched soon. With big data, the commercial vehicle industry can hope to see a more digitised network within the entire ecosystem.

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