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Top 6 Truck Maintenance Tips to stay you ahead in Business

Regular maintenance of your trucks is crucial to keep your commercial vehicle running in the best condition possible. It is with these truck maintenance activities that you are able to identify issues with your vehicle beforehand and can take rectification measures accordingly. That is why we will tell you the Top 6 Truck Maintenance Tips


1. Change the engine oil regularly

Since engine oil of truck can be impacted with dust and dirt, it can hamper its functioning. Thus it is important to change the engine oil regularly. Moreover, oil filter must be changed regularly as well so that dust and dirt do not get accumulated.

2. Other fluids must be checked

The engine coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid levels must also be checked regularly to enable proper functioning of your trucks. Changing these fluids on a regular basis not only is considered as a safe practice but also increases the longevity of your truck’s life.

3. Keep the truck exterior clean

Apart from making your truck look clean and tidy, keeping the exterior of your truck clean is very important from a maintenance perspective. It protects your truck by keeping the paint intact and by removing any dust or dirt collected on it. Also, it is important to clean the undercarriage as well.

4. Monitor driver behaviour

When your truck is driven by different members of your crew, due to unsafe or rash driving, your truck’s life can be put at risk. Unmindful driving can lead to excessive fuel consumption, along with putting a load on your truck’s engine. Thus, it is important to procure a fleet management system to keep your drivers, and your vehicle’s health, in check.

5. Curb idling

Unnecessary idling is one of the leading causes of fuel wastage in your truck. Engines should be switched off when your truck has to make a stop for over 2 minutes.

6. Inspect tyre pressure regularly

By keeping an eye on your truck’s tyre pressure, you can get the maximum value out of your purchased tyres. Regularly inspecting the tyre pressure, and keeping it up to date, is the key to enhance the life of your tyres. This also helps in saving big on fuel cost.

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