5 Best Tyres In India For Your Trucks

Here is our pick of the 5 best tyre models in India best suited for your trucks.

1. Endurance CD – Apollo


Apollo is on the top of the list for a reason. The Endurance CD offers sequentially arranged open tread blocks for self cleaning. It has a robust belt package made of high tensile steel cables to resist impact and failures. Its high volume carcass design is such to contain more compressed air for higher load carrying. The model has resilient hard rubber compound for reduced cut and chip damages.

2. Steel Muscle S3C8 – MRF


A good contender, the Steel Muscle S3C8 has superior compound for high mileage and a super strong casing for loading applications. It has a staggered block design for even tread wear and high rubber content for long life. The model endorses special tread compound for lower heat buil-up. It has better abrasion and out resistance.

3. Jetsteel JDC – JK Tyres


Jetsteel JDC comes with numerous features such as Block type lug design, Open shoulders, Solid tie bars, Open grooves, Higher tread depth and Superior tread compound. It has better traction in off-the-road application. Jetsteel JDC consists of strong block rigidity and runs cooler. It has higher mileage and good wear resistance.

4. Pro C10 – Ceat


Ceat offers a good model in its HCV segment. The Pro C10 comes with higher casing durability and delivers uniform treadwear. The model is made from the NEC technology. It has a reinforced bead area with better rubber distribution.

5. XDY 3 – Michelin


The XDY 3 has more usage flexibility for on/off road conditions thanks to directional robust flat large tread blocks. It comes with an improved wet grip and traction on difficult surface. The model has high shock resistant casing against impact puncture and cut damage. It is also sidewall protected due to straight and reinforced sidewall profile.

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