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Ensure Two Wheeler Safety & Maintenance with LocoNav’s GPS tracker for bikes

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Why is LocoNav’s GPS bike tracker the best in India?

Insightful Bike Tracking System

Stay assured about the safety of your bike, wherever it may be. LocoNav’s motorcycle GPS tracker lets you intelligently track and monitor your asset to avoid theft or harm.

Bike Lock

LocoNav’s Motorcycle GPS system gives you control over locking and unlocking your bike from remote locations. Employ our GPS locator for bike to ensure complete control over your vehicle.

Live Alerts

Get instant alerts on over speeding, entry and exit points, unwarranted idling, etc. with our bike GPS security system. Manage servicing and maintenance on a single platform.

Motorcycle Health

With a real time GPS location tracker for bikes, you can get all diagnostic reports, from mileage to health. Now enjoy a great experience on the road with the best bike GPS tracker.

Two-Wheeler Security

Our GPS tracking device for motorcycles delivers complete visibility over your vehicle. Track every movement your bike makes and ensure that it is parked where it is supposed to be.

Monitor Fuel Expenses

LocoNav helps you save big on fuel expenditure and manage your operational costs. Now monitor the driver’s behaviour and scale down on idling with our online GPS location tracker for bike.

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Real-time Tracking

Ignition Status

Over-Speeding Report

Vehicle Lock

Idling Report

1 year Device Warranty

SOS Button

Fuel Monitoring

Over-Speeding Report

Temperature Monitoring

Location History ( 90 Days )



Nearest Vehicle Locator

Nearest Fuel Pump Locator

Driver Verification

Our GPS Bike Tracking Device Has It All

Navigating through roads in India, especially for vehicle owners, is no easy endeavour. For motorcycle owners, poorly managed roadways and rampant vehicle theft are the major problems faced by them. A small GPS tracking device for bikes in India can be the answer to vehicle owner’s troubles. You can track your bike, and get detailed reports about its well being. From engine health to ignition status to over speeding, you can stay on top of the entire function and movement of your motorcycle. Invest in LocoNav’s best GPS tracking device for bikes in India to drive and manage your vehicle with ease.

We make bike management simple

There is so much more to GPS tracker for bikes than basic route navigation. With LocoNav, you can have a bike navigation GPS that provides you a holistic view into how your bike is performing on the road, if it is in need of servicing, or if it is in dire need of attention. All this, on a single platform!

We can help you bring back your vehicle

It is not uncommon for bikes to get stolen, but with LocoNav’s Motorcycle GPS tracker in India, your vehicle is in safe hands. Our anti theft GPS tracker for bikes helps you locate the exact position of your vehicle with accurate location coordinates. We make surveillance an efficient and effective process for you

We cater to all bike types

From standard motorcycles to sports bikes, we attend to one and all. Our GPS navigation device for bikes in India is well suited for every unique requirement you may have. We make motorcycle GPS navigation in India compatible with all bike types. Now you can focus on gaining an enriching driving experience

Get The Best Bike GPS Tracker Price in India

Managing one motorcycle, or many, can be a laborious job, and can have a profound impact on your budget. And if you venture out to buy a bike GPS, you might not find one that is cost efficient and fulfils your requirements at the same time. However, LocoNav provides the best GPS tracker for bike price in India, along with delivering quality service. Our GPS tracker for bikes can be your one stop shop for all your bike management needs. Our host of services are made available to you across India, such that you get to experience excellent vehicle management, without worrying about the sky high price of GPS tracking device in India.

Gain Insights With Our One-of-a-kind GPS Bike Tracker App

Our GPS system for bike comes with the facility to track your bike from anywhere, all with the help of a single mobile application. Whether you are looking for a motorcycle GPS app for Android or iPhone, we have got you covered. You can stay updated with the current location of your motorcycle, and can stay safe while on the road or off it with our emergency SOS alerts. Reach your destination on time and securely with LocoNav’s GPS tracker for bikes.

General FAQS

Interested in buying a bike GPS tracker in India? Fill in your details in the form given below and our associate will contact you at the earliest.
LocoNav provides 2 types of GPS devices for bikes.
  • Plug and Play Tracker: you can install this tracker yourself but plugging it into your bike.
  • Hardwired Tracker: for the installation of this tracker, our technical associates will assist you.
LocoNav is the best GPS tracker for bikes because it comes with a state-of-the-art mobile application that gives you information that is not limited to just live location but extends to vehicle diagnostics as well.
Yes, GPS systems for bikes do assist in theft prevention. Most GPS systems alert the user of unauthorized access and can also help in locating the vehicle in case it is stolen.
Yes, LocoNav provides a wireless GPS tracking device for bikes, called the Plug-and-Play GPS Tracker.
There are many devices available in the market and each device has different specifications. A good bike tracker for you is one that has the features and price points tailored to your needs.
GPS trackers allow you to receive location information in multiple areas. Bluetooth trackers only allow you to receive location only in the range of the bluetooth.