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Intelligent GPS tracking

LocoNav’s GPS tracking devices are AIS 140 certified and gives you the live location of your vehicles.

GPS Vehicle tracking

CDAC Approval Ready

LocoNav helps you get hassle free CDAC approved devices all over India within minutes.

GPS Vehicle tracking

SOS/Panic Button

Our GPS tracking devices comes with SOS emergency buttons so that measures can be taken in case of an emergency.

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Live alerts

Get live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit points, monitor idling in real time, etc. Vehicle services and maintenance alerts

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Pan India Service

We provide services and installation to re-sellers or end-customer across the entire country.

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Fastest Certification Process

Get Regional Transport Office (RTO) certificate immediately after purchase of our device.

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Why LocoNav is a market leader in AIS 140 Tracker Devices

Features Other Devices LocoNav’s Device
Emergency Button/SOS Button
Water & Dust Proof
Driver Behaviour
Fuel Monitoring
CAN Support
AC On/Off
RFID Reader
Door Open Close
IP Camera Support

Other useful features which gives LocoNav an edge over others:

Features Other Devices LocoNav’s Device
Real-time Tracking
Ignition Status
Over-Speeding Report
Vehicle Lock
Idling Report
1 Year Device Warranty
Temperature Monitoring
Location History (90 Days)
Nearest Vehicle Locator
Nearest Fuel Pump Locator
Driver Verification

AIS 140 GPS Device Specification

ais140 device
  • GSM frequency : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPRS : Class 12, TCP/IP
  • Memory : 32+32Mb
  • GPS chipset : MTK high sensitivity chip
  • Frequency : L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
  • GPS channel : 66
  • Location accuracy : < 10 meters
  • Battery : 2500mAh/3.7V & 5000mAh/3.7V
  • Dust-waterproof level : IP65
  • Weight : < 100g/202g
  • Operating temperature : -20℃~ 70℃

AIS 140 GPS device price varies from state to state. This is due to the fact that some states in India require just the GPS devices in the vehicle to be AIS 140 approved. In a few states like Maharashtra, the RTO also require BSNL certificates along with AIS 140 approved GPS devices. Along with this, depending upon the state, there are many variants of AIS 140 devices. Therefore, due to the above factors, a fixed AIS 140 GPS device price cannot be given.

There are a few AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers in India. LocoNav is leading the race of AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers with at least 50,000 vehicles successfully passed through RTO across the entire country.

Follow the LocoNav’s blog to get the latest AIS 140 notification. Get the latest updates about which states have made it mandatory to have AIS 140 approved devices across all the commercial vehicles. Also get AIS 140 notification about what all is required for a vehicle in a particular state to successfully pass through RTO.

Arguably, it can be said that India's economy is too a good extent dependent upon its transportation system. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that India's transportation is ordained to work to its full potential at all times. Taking a step forward in this, the Indian government has come up with an intelligent transport system which is a segment of automotive industry standard AIS 140. Before you know what AIS140 standard has in store for you, it is important to understand what is AIS 140 standard and what are its benefits.

On 1st April 2018, the Indian government made it mandatory for all the commercial vehicles, either the vehicles with a yellow number plate including public and private transport buses, cabs, taxis and other vehicles that ferry people to get AIS 140 certified GPS Trackers and emergency buttons which will allow vehicle owners to meet all the specifications that revolve around comfort, safety, efficiency and quality of service. This move by the Indian government was applauded by everyone as it will make the commercial vehicles transportation more secure and advanced. As it brings the perfect blend of camera/satellite surveillance, emergency request and vehicle tracking which will benefit the entire chain of transportation: Fleet owners -> drivers -> passengers.

Making AIS 140 certified vehicle tracking mandatory for all the commercial vehicles is a welcome step due to the following reasons:

  • All the category of vehicle mentioned above will be fitted with AIS certified vehicle trackers that will not only ensure safety and comfort but has several other benefits like real-time vehicle tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, cost optimization solutions and many other.

  • All these vehicles will come under the mandate of AIS 140 in which they will be attached with a vehicle tracking server manned by the Indian government.

  • There are some other plans of the Indian government including establishing a host of authorized servers in every city streamlining a number of functionalities. Gaining strength from a cloud-based data storage, vehicle owners can make the most of the real-time vehicle updates coming from a tracking device that is fitted to their vehicles.

Efficient management of routes and transport schedules: The AIS 140 GPS device will help you to cut down big on your daily fuel expenditure cost by suggesting the shortest route to reach your destination. A reliable vehicle tracking system: This is by far the most important and significant feature of AIS 140 approved devices. SOS button for crises: The vehicle tracking devices that are AIS 140 complaint comes with an important feature which allows you to activate an emergency button with just a click. Once an emergency information reaches the emergency response server, precautionary measures will soon come to your need.
Watch the behaviour of your driver: This feature could be the most important one when it comes to the safety of passengers. You can check the behaviour of your vehicle's driver and keep a track on over-speeding.
Tampering alerts: The telematics device will pop up an alert when your vehicle tracking device is being tampered.
Vehicle Health advisor: This AIS 140 certification will act as a baromtere for vehicle health inspection. This AIS 140 certified device will be embedded with a vehicle halth monitoring system and diagnostics tool which can ensure the health of your vehicle anytime, anywhere. It can also report about possibilities of wear and tear which can cause transport breakdowns.

All the vehicles that already have a GPS tracking devices need to check whether their devices are certified or not with ARAI AIS 140 Specifications. If not then they need to re-install GPS tracking devices that are AIS certified.The following condition are important for GPS device to be called as AIS 140 certified device.

  • The tracking device to be capable of obtaining real-time location information using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS); must include support for GAGAN, Indian satellite-based augmentation system.

  • GPS device to support 4 digital, 2 analogue and 1 serial communication (RS232) for interfacing external systems or peripherals (e.g. an emergency/panic button – SOS buzzer).

  • The device to have an internal battery that supports a minimum of 4 hours’ backup (considering location update frequency at 60 seconds).

  • A device has to have the capability to transmit data to a minimum of 2 different IP addresses; one set of data (PVT data) to the first IP address for regulatory purpose and the second IP address exclusively for emergency request system.

  • It should be able to transmit position, velocity and time (PVT) data to back-end control Room (State Road Transport Undertakings’ servers) using GSM/GPRS network

  • Device to transmit emergency events to second IP address reserved for emergency response system. Once pressed, emergency/panic button should initiate an alarm to the configured IP address(s) as per standard.

  • Data transmission frequency from device to be customized, a minimum of five seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes (while in power saver/sleep mode).

  • Device to operate with an embedded SIM (e-SIM). i.e. embedded in GPS tracking device module.

  • The device GPRS module should have a multi-slot GPRS with in-built quad-band GPRS module with a lifespan of at least 10 years and more than 1 million read/write cycles.

  • A GPS device to have an internal antenna; although not mandatory in the case of integrated systems with vehicle/aftermarket OEM approved kits, and if fitment location prevents the internal antenna from functioning.

  • Device to support ‘Over The Air’ (OTA) firmware and configuration updates.

  • The device needs to be dust, temperature, vibration, water-splash resistant preferably IP65 rated or better and tamper-proof.

  • In case there is no reception (GSM and GPRS), alerts are to be stored in the device and as soon as the network becomes available the device will need to be able to send the information on high priority to the configured addresses.

  • Device to support A-GPS (Assisted GPS) and should have a unique IMEI number.

  • It needs to have three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope for getting the alerts on harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and rash driving.

  • The device must be developed to operate between 8VDC and 32VDC using vehicle battery input voltage range 12/24 volts.

These are the major AIS 140 specifications in addition to physical tests conducted by ARAI to make sure devices conform to the standards.

How to get your vehicle the AIS 140 certification?

In order to get your vehicle AIS 140 certification, you need to fit AIS certified vehicle tracking system in your vehicle or fleet, along with a camera surveillance and emergency request button. It is only because of these devices and gadgets that Indian government would be able to track your vehicles and take precautionery measures in case of an emergency.

Now as per the directions, both the existing and upcoming vehicles need to be equipped with GPS tracking sytems and emergency buttons.

LocoNav's GPS tracking device is AIS 140 certified and comes with emergency buttons.

About LocoNav and its AIS 140 applications

We are bringing together the power of our proprietary technology and wide reach to change India's vehicle landscape. Vehicle owners, Businesses, and Transporters in India are forced to run vehicles with extreme inefficiency and poor security. LocoNav is determined to change that.

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