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Drive Efficiency and Security with LocoNav

End-To-End Security
Enhance Asset Safety

Complete Vehicle, Driver, and Passenger Protection.

With real-time tracking of all vehicles in your fleet, take swift action to deploy the nearest vehicle to the emergency call location, ensuring the quickest response time possible.
Get access to trip management and route optimisation to help find the quickest and safest routes. Instantly share vehicle location and tracking links with personnels, allowing them to keep track of emergency services and their estimated arrival time.
Keep track of driver behaviour, poor driving practices, and unauthorised movement. Gain insights into driver and vehicle performance for improvement, ensuring safer personnel transfers, and a better experience for everyone involved.
Improve Asset Utilisation

Maximise fleet efficiency and reduce costs.

Keep a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet with the help of a single dashboard. With live alerts, prevent unauthorised usage of your vehicles, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring that all vehicles are used only for official purposes.
Ensure faster turnaround time with timely maintenance schedules. Get reminders for routine maintenance, ensuring that vehicles are always in good working condition and reduce costs from breakdowns.
Prevent theft of your expensive equipment and devices with our solutions. Keep a track of vehicle location and trip schedules at all times to ensure that your assets are always protected.
Optimise Fleet Operations
Features That Help You Excel

Intelligent Solutions for Your Fleet

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Koskei G.

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