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Deliver Results On Schedule
Deliver Results On Schedule

Assets, Operations, ROI - Optimised.

With a comprehensive dashboard, get visibility on the vehicles that are assigned to a trip and the ones that are available. Make sure the right equipment is present where it is required and when it is required.
Prevent vehicle malfunctions with regular maintenance and vehicle health data. Put a stop to unexpected breakdowns and ensure your construction fleet has maximum uptime.
Improve performance, lower servicing costs and prolong equipment life with regular maintenance schedules. Stay on top of vehicle maintenance to reduce operational costs, enhance safety, and experience uninterrupted productivity.
Ensure Unmatched Safety

Prioritise What Matters To You.

Get actionable insights every time your fleet is on the move. Monitor driver performance, driving events, and engine diagnostics, and significantly improve fleet performance.
Prevent unauthorized equipment access and safeguard all your moving and non-moving assets. Limit the danger of on-site safety hazards and potential employee injuries.
Capture daily driving activity without actually being inside the vehicle. Identify and correct unsafe driving practices, operator fatigue, and equipment misuse to reduce liability.
Ensure Unmatched Safety
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Intelligent Solutions for Your Fleet

Full Stack Solution Suite For All Your Construction Equipment

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Prevent the usage of vehicles outside of work hours and decrease the chance of liabilities...Read More

Engine Immobilization

With prompt action, use engine immobiliser to remotely disable the ignition of any vehicle...Read More

Idling Alerts

With real-time alerts, get notified instantly whenever your assets are idling to prevent f...Read More

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Koskei G.

"Fleet management-It is very comprehensive when it comes to data capturing", Maintenance service schedule feature and drive behavior. The best thing has been elimination of too man...Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Three basic methods for determining an ideal maintenance timeframe will ease the decision-making process involved in lifecycle management.
  • Monitor cost per kilometre
  • Establish mileage or vehicle age criteria
  • Conduct cyclic maintenance irrespective of vehicle condition
A load cell is a transducer that converts force into an electrical output that can be measured. The usage of load cells and sensors in civil engineering and construction has increased dramatically in recent years. Improvements in monitoring and reporting software have enhanced the ability to analyse vast volumes of data in real time, resulting in better structural engineering.
Yes. Since a construction fleet consists of high-value vehicles, using an engine immobilizer for construction fleet tracking can prove to be beneficial in preventing unauthorized access and theft.
Driver scoring metrics assess your driver's performance. Improved delivery times, fewer accidents, fewer traffic violations, lower fuel expenses, lower maintenance costs, and fewer part replacements are some of the most typical benefits.
Aside from accidents, rapid acceleration and deceleration shorten the life of the vehicle, resulting in considerable increases in maintenance and fuel expenditures.
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