Why Loconav

At LocoNav, our mission is to solve problems that act as roadblocks for the transportation industry. Our platform allows businesses to tackle these problems and works as a one-stop solution for managing their fleet operations.


We at LocoNav adhere to a code, and that is quality. We take pride in the quality of our work, and have set standards to ensure that it is always up to par.


We have given the industry a glimpse of a new landscape, and we aim to deliver! We deliver on our promises - our happy customers can attest to that!


Great ideas can come from anywhere. All our members have the opportunity to pitch ideas, innovate and drive them forward, while ensuring that we adhere to our goals and standards.


For us, transparency comes in naturally. Our motive is to build strong relationships with absolute honesty at the helm, with our clients and with our team members alike.


Vidit Jain


Vidit Jain

A techie turned entrepreneur, Vidit was founding engineer at Bizzy(acq by SendGrid), an omni-channel marketing engine for businesses. He was Engineer #2 at ClearTax, India’s first product at YC, backed by Founders Fund, Sequoia Capital & SAIF Partners.


Shridhar Gupta


Shridhar Gupta

An entrepreneur since 20, Shridhar was on the founding team of Fitho, leading fitness tech platform. In 2015, he led sales and partnership at ClearTax, India’s first Y-Combinator product, backed by SAIF Partners and Sequoia Capital.





Ex- VP Finance at InfoEdge and Lenskart, one of India’s largest tech companies, Vikas has more than 15 years of industry experience. He is a seasoned finance professional and has worked at PwC, Publicis, Spantex, etc.

We Tell You Our Story

How LocoNav came about

Our operations started out in 2016, with our insatiable want to revolutionise India’s vehicle landscape. Our experience with a multitude of businesses led us to furnish a platform for integrated vehicle management. We started with the aim to make smooth fleet operations accessible to every business. And thus, LocoNav was born.


What we bring to the table

We provide a transparent, authentic and reliable means for you to stay updated with your fleet operations anytime, anywhere. Our proprietary technology has helped 1000s of businesses, spread across various industries, geographies, fleet types and sizes. Our services are available in more than 100 cities, and we provide solutions for your vehicle tracking, fleet management and Telematics needs.


Our journey so far

We have made efficient fleet management a reality for a plethora of businesses, and we are striving to keep the momentum going. Our satisfied customer base has reported lower running costs, enhanced security and faster turnarounds. We have come so far, and we expect to keep powering through with our dynamic team!

Our Work & Culture

At LocoNav, our motto is ThinkBeyond, and we inculcate the feeling of ownership and drive in each of our team members. We strongly believe in propagating a great culture, because a happy work environment leads to a more productive workforce.

Play as a Team


Teamwork is paramount at LocoNav. We are simply a group of people working in tandem to build a product that will change the industry.

Drive impact like never before


Our belief is simple: great ideas bubble in an encouraging environment. Our culture is such that we motivate our people to think out of the box, and take ownership for all amazing ideas they come up with.

Embrace constructive criticism


We count on our team’s potential to have a positive influence on us and on our valuable customers. And so we do not shy away from peer reviews, and giving positive feedback. After all, we are a team that aims to grow together, and be better versions of ourselves every single day.

Communication is key


Every voice deserves to be heard, and LocoNav lends an attentive ear to all amazing ideas, concerns and feedback. We encourage our team members to cultivate an open and transparent communication channel within the workforce so that we can drive in maximum productivity and positivity possible.