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Keep an Eye on your Fleet and Protect your Business

Utilise our easy-to-use video telematics solutions to capture reliable on-road footage and coach drivers on their performance. Lower your operational costs, prevent and protect against false claims, and ensure safety for your drivers, your fleet and your business.

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Seeing is Believing with Advanced Video Telematics

AI PoweredSensors

Our smart Video telematics solution comes with the ability to identify unsafe driving instances and help drivers prevent collisions using the dashboard camera’s active sensors.

Instant Alerts &Liability Protection

Get real time notifications triggered by any dangerous driving events such as hard braking, sharp turning or distracted driving, and document high quality video evidence.

Enhanced Safety &Better Driving Behaviour

Playback driving videos to gain insight into driver behaviour and take steps for improving driver performance and keeping your fleet safe.

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Enhance Safety and Reduce Liability

Forward Collision Warning

Designed to alert about a slow-moving or stationary vehicle ahead so that the driver can brake or swerve in time

Posted Speed Violation

Designed to alert when the vehicle crosses the speed limit posted on the road sign

STOP Sign Violation

Designed to alert when the vehicle crosses the posted STOP sign on the road

Lane Drift Warning

Designed to alert when the vehicle crosses its own lane or drifts to the next lane

Driver Distraction

Designed to alert when the driver is not paying attention to the road

Face ID

Designed to alert when the assigned driver is not driving the vehicle

Learn more about our ridiculously accessible plans and offers

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About LocoNav

LocoNav is a full-stack fleet software company focused on democratizing access to fleet technology for drivers and fleet owners around the world. LocoNav is the market leader in India and has a significant presence in over 30 countries. Its one-stop fleet-tech solutions platform backed by AI and IoT-led innovative offerings, empowers fleet owners and operators to achieve operational efficiencies and cost-savings, along with driver and vehicle safety.