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Get a Robust Bus Tracking System For Your Tracking Needs

Intelligent Bus Tracking

Get the ability to see the real time location of all your buses at once. Now you can access all the data related to your fleet with the click of a button with our bus tracking system.

Route Optimisation and Geofence

Demarcate areas of relevance for your fleet of buses using LocoNav’s bus tracking system using GPS. Get instant alerts when the buses enter or exit the defined areas with Geofencing.

Real Time Alerts

Get live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit bus points, monitor idling in real time, etc. Manage the services and maintenance alerts with our GPS bus tracking app.

Bus Health Diagnostics

Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of your fleet of buses with our bus location tracker. Now you can worry less about your fleet’s well-being and focus on optimisation. your business operations.

Why LocoNav’s GPS Bus Tracking System?

When buses ferry around citizens on the roads, there are certain aspects that the fleet owners, and the passengers, are most concerned about. In lieu of that, LocoNav’s GPS bus tracking system ensures that all worries of the fleet owners and the people on board are taken care of. Passengers look for a safe and efficient transport experience, while fleet owners are concerned about optimising their business costs. LocoNav caters to both the stakeholders involved, by taking care of expenses incurred by the business owners, and keeping safety of passengers a priority.

Emergency SOS Button

By leveraging our bus GPS tracker, you can ensure the security of everyone on board. The emergency SOS button allows passengers to send distress calls in case of any mishap.

Control Fuel Cost

LocoNav’s GPS tracking system & FASTag can help you in saving on fuel expenditure. Track the behaviour of your driver, reduce excessive idling time & save big on fuel charge.

Our GPS Bus Tracking System Has It All!

Transportation is the lifeline of any country, whether for commercial or personal purpose. LocoNav is determined to make bus transportation an efficient and reliable channel. Our bus location tracking system makes management and administration of buses a far more simple and optimised process. With detailed bus health reports, driver behaviour monitoring and fuel cost optimisation, operations of buses can become streamlined. Moreover, the security of the passengers will be absolutely ensured with the help of our bus location tracking system in India.

Real time updates

Our bus tracking app efficiently provides location and diagnostic updates, all in real time. Fleet managers can now get instant information about the route taken up by the buses in their fleet, and know their exact position in real time. They can also manage and uphold their entire schedule easily. LocoNav’s online bus tracking system ensures that buses stick to their schedules and keeps delays at bay.

Profitable operations

You can enhance the transparency in your fleet of buses by employing LocoNav’s bus GPS tracking software. By integrating a bus tracker in your fleet management system, your maintenance costs decline, along with maximising efficiency. Verify that safe driving practices are being followed on the road and get live over speeding alerts, idling alerts, and much more with our bus tracking app.

Enhanced compatibility

Our bus tracking system is compatible with all bus types making integration of GPS tracking device for buses a seamless process. LocoNav’s proprietary technology makes sure that our bus location app works well on Android as well as iOS. Now you can get a comprehensive look into how the buses in your fleet, and your drivers, are performing by utilising our live bus tracking app.

Get the Best AIS-140 Certified Bus Tracker in India At Great Prices

Running a business becomes a successful endeavour when transparency and profitability increases. And LocoNav is aimed at assisting you with that. We offer the best bus live tracking facilities to you, so that you can worry less about your profit margins, and focus more on running a systematized bus fleet. Our bus location tracker comes at the best price in the market, accompanied by reliable services. Be assured that investing in a bus location tracker for your fleet will yield great returns!

Certified Best Bus Tracking App

Technology has made visibility available for everyone in today’s time. So when it comes to tracking your bus fleet, you must go the technical route and get LocoNav’s bus GPS tracking software. Our bus tracking app ensures that you get absolute transparency about the movement and location of your fleet of buses. We provide you with the best bus tracking app to help you stay updated, anytime, anywhere.

A Real Time Monitoring System For Your Bus

The progress of your business is in safe hands with LocoNav’s bus monitoring system. A single point of management, our bus monitoring system based on GPS promises to deliver exceptional quality in terms of technology and service. Our goal is to make bus monitoring a simple and effective activity for you and your business. In our bid to revolutionise India’s transportation landscape, our real time monitoring system coupled with your bus fleet can greatly make a positive impact.

GPS Bus Tracking System in India
  • The need of a bus monitoring system is felt when deadlines are not met, schedules are not followed, and the fleet’s health and maintenance are not looked after.
  • Apart from that, improper driving patterns take a toll on the well being of the buses, along with making roads unsafe.
  • With LocoNav, real time bus monitoring system based on GPS has made safe driving practices a common norm on the roads.
  • Deploy a bus tracker online and derive the advantages of live best bus tracking.
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General FAQ's

How does a bus tracking system work?

If you have ever wondered about how to track a bus using GPS, we can help you with that. Our GPS tracking device for buses utilises GPS to gather the exact location coordinates of the buses, wherever they may be on the road. Telematics is then engaged to transmit position, as well as other vehicular metrics, to a server, from where the data is relayed on our dashboard visible to the user. These diagnostic reports include details on idling, harsh braking, over speeding, maintenance alerts, engine health, remote vehicle locking and unlocking, ignition control, and much more. Apart from being privy to exact information pertaining to your bus fleet, you also get to monitor and regulate the people handling the fleet, namely the drivers. Data transmission is encrypted, hence the network channel is deemed highly secure.
On 1st April 2018, the government of India laid a directive for all public and commercial passenger carrying vehicles to embed a vehicle tracking device within. Since buses fall under this category, hence it is mandatory for bus fleet owners to get AIS 140 certified bus tracking device. The device must include camera surveillance, along with an emergency SOS button. You can get LocoNav’s AIS 140 certified GPS tracking device for buses at the best price by contacting our team.
Public and commercial transportation in India has been running with many hurdles and problems. But with LocoNav, bus tracking has enabled the transportation sector to overcome these roadblocks. Now fleet owners and managers can monitor all the buses, whether on the road or off it, from the comfort of their home or office. Our GPS bus tracking app provides you with the power to examine the performance of your fleet, and take care of its health and security.
You can get our bus GPS tracking system for Android as well as for iOS. Please contact our team for more details.
Yes, we provide a comprehensive demo of our bus location tracker app. Our services are available all across India, and you can avail a demo at any time at no extra charge by getting in touch with our team.
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