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Why Is LocoNav's School Bus Tracker The Best In India?

Intelligent School Bus Tracking

Ensure the safety of your school buses, as they ferry students around the city. Utilise LocoNav's School Bus Tracker to protect and monitor school buses for seamless administration.

Data Security

LocoNav's School Bus Tracking Solutions ensure that no student data is compromised. Encrypted data transmission certifies that the information is available to school authorities and parents only.

Geofencing Alerts

Smart school bus tracking for school administration and parents alike is facilitated by our Geofencing functionality. Demarcate school areas and drop off points to get alerts when the child enters or exits the perimeter.

Bus Health

Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of your school bus fleet so that you can worry less about the fleet's well-being and focus more on student welfare and optimum school administration.

Monitor Driver Behaviour

Ascertain that the students are being moved about responsibly with our GPS system for school bus. Keep a check on the driver's performance and behaviour on the road.

Control Fuel Cost

LocoNav's School Bus GPS tracker and School Bus Insurance can help you in saving on fuel expenditure and other operational costs. Get exact location of the buses, reduce excessive idling time and save big on fuel charge.

What Our Happy Customers Say

Our School Bus Tracker App Has It All!

Updates in real time

Our school bus tracker app generates absolute transparency between parents and the school administration. You can learn information regarding the routes taken by the buses, and get location updates in real time. LocoNav's GPS tracker for school buses comes with an emergency SOS button, which enhances the safety of the students and the school staff on board.

Administration & analytics

School administration can have a streamlined operation process by deploying LocoNav's school bus GPS tracker in their fleet. Get hands on and accurate data by leveraging Telematics. Get regular health reports, idling alerts, maintenance updates and other school bus information that will enable you to implement a secure, reliable and economic transportation system for your school.

Wide ranging compatibility

Smart school bus tracking provides compatibility with any kind of vehicle and transportation system, and LocoNav offers just that! Our dynamic technology provides school bus GPS tracking software for Android and iOS. Gather detailed insights about the performance of the school bus fleet, diagnostic health reports and fuel monitoring with our school bus tracker.

Get the Best School Bus Tracking System Price in India

Administration and management of school transportation system needs a well organised structure, along with being cost effective. With LocoNav, you can achieve exactly that. Be assured of getting the best school bus tracking system price in India, along with quality service. Our services will assist you from end-to-end, and will ensure that you utilise our school bus GPS tracker in the most optimal manner, along with maintaining student safety.

School Bus GPS Tracking System In India

Reckless driving and flouting of traffic rules is a common occurrence in India, which puts a lot of pressure on passenger safety. School buses are no exception to this.

LocoNav's school bus tracker provides a means to authorities to ensure safe driving compliance, along with giving assurance that students are safe even outside the school boundaries.

The entire education ecosystem can now prioritise premium education by employing our school bus GPS trackers.

General FAQS

Our school bus tracker works with the support of Telematics. Telematics leverages GPS to gather the exact location coordinates of the school bus, and relays the same information in real time. So, mapping of coordinates helps in getting accurate position of the school bus fleet, which allows parents and school authorities alike a clear view of where the students are at each point. Along with that, Telematics helps in furnishing comprehensive reports on bus diagnostic data, which gives an evident view of the health of the buses, and how they are being handled. You can then assess the performance of the bus, and the drivers. The data transmission takes place in a very secure network, and is available only to those who are supposed to be privy to the information.

There are two main categories of people who can reap the advantages of a school bus tracking system in India, namely the school administration and the parents. The school authorities can manage the students, as well as the school's bus fleet, with utmost ease. They can run their operations seamlessly without compromising on the security of their pupils. Staff management also becomes easier with a GPS for school bus drivers, since the driver behaviour on the road will constantly be under surveillance, and rash driving can be easily detected by over speeding alerts. Parents can rest assured that their children are being driven in a competent and secure manner by means of school bus tracking for parents. With geofencing, delineating areas of interests, in this case the school boundaries and the pick up and drop off points, allows parents to instantly know when their child has left the school premises, and when they are expected to turn up on the drop off points. This puts the parents’ mind at ease, and makes school bus student tracking beneficial.

You can get our school bus GPS tracking software for Android as well as for iOS. Please contact our team for more details.

If you are worried about how to track the school buses, we provide a comprehensive demo of our school bus tracker app. Our services are spread all across India, and you can avail a demo at any time at no extra charge by getting in touch with our team.