Delhi Road Tax: Online Payment & Rate List for Private & Commercial Vehicles in RTO Delhi

It is mandatory for all categories of motor vehicles running on roads in Delhi to pay the road tax. According to Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Transport Department of Delhi has the authority to determine the tax structure. As per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, nobody is permitted to operate any vehicle without paying road tax besides those who are either wholly or partially exempted by the State Government. Learn more about the Delhi road tax online payment process and the rate list for private and commercial vehicles.

Road Tax Calculation Process in Delhi

The state government has the responsibility to compute the road tax based on certain parameters. Every state makes use of different methods or percentages to calculate road tax. The calculation of road tax for vehicles is dependent on any of these parameters:

  • Vehicle’s seating capacity – if it is a five-seater vehicle or a seven-seater vehicle

  • Category of vehicle – if it is two-wheeler or four-wheeler

  • Vehicle’s age – The IDV of the vehicle varies according to the vehicle’s age and the road tax varies accordingly.

  • Vehicle’s engine capacity – There are slabs of the engine capacity in CC for the road tax calculation purpose

  • Purpose of usage– if it is a personal or commercial vehicle

To calculate the road tax in Delhi, visit the website. Select Delhi as your state of residence and enter all the other vehicle-related information including vehicle type, vehicle class, vehicle category, etc. Enter the verification code and press the “Get tax details” tab to check the calculated road tax in Delhi.

Delhi Road Tax Rate Percentage

A vehicle owner in Delhi has to pay the road tax at the time of registration of the motor vehicle and thereafter as per the guidelines for vehicle tax in the Delhi Motor Vehicle Taxation Act. The road tax in Delhi for private or non-commercial vehicles has to be paid once and the road tax for commercial vehicles has to be paid monthly or bi-annually or annually.

Road Tax for Private/Personal Vehicles in Delhi

The road for private /personal vehicles for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler are mentioned in the following tables:

For two-wheelers:

Vehicle Category Road Tax Applicable
Motorcycle having less than 50 cc (Mopeds, Auto Cycles) Rs 650
Motorcycles & Scooters with more than 50 cc

Rs 1220

Tri Cycles

Rs 1525

Motorcycle having a sewing trailer Rs 1525+ Rs 465

For four-wheelers:

Vehicle Category Road Tax Applicable
Cars weighing less than 1000 kg Rs 3815
Cars weighing more than 1000 kg but less than 1500 kg Rs 4880
Cars weighing more than 1500 kg but less than 2000 kg Rs 7020
Cars weighing more than 2000 kg Rs 7020+Rs 4570+Rs 2000.00 for every 1000kg additional

Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Delhi

The road tax for commercial passenger vehicles and goods vehicles are mentioned in the following tables:

For commercial passenger vehicles:

Vehicle Category Road Tax Applicable
Not more than 2 passengers except the driver Rs 305
More than 2 but less than 4 excluding Driver & Conductor Rs 605
More than 4 but less than 7 excluding Driver & Conductor Rs 1130
More than 7 & less than 18 excluding Driver & Conductor Rs 1915
More than 18 or above except the Driver & Conductor Rs 1915+Rs 280 per passenger

For commercial goods vehicles:

Vehicle Category Road Tax Applicable
Not more than 1 Tonne Rs 665
More than 1 Tonne but do not exceed 2 Tonne Rs 940
More than 2 Tonne but do not exceed 4 Tonne Rs 1430
More than 4 Tonne but do not exceed 6 Tonne Rs 1915
More than 6 Tonne but do not exceed 8 Tonne Rs 2375
More than 8 Tonne but do not exceed 9 Tonne Rs 2865
More than 9 Tonne but do not exceed 10 Tonne Rs 3320
Greater than 10 Tonne Rs 3,790 + Rs.470/-per Tonne
For Trailers  
a) Greater than 10 Tonne + less than 2 Tonne of the trailer Rs 3790 + Rs 470 per Tonne + Rs 465
b) Greater than 10 Tonne + Greater than 2 Tonne of the trailer Rs 3790 + Rs 470 per Tonne + Rs 925

Delhi Road Tax Online Payment Process

The Delhi Government has imposed road tax on all types of motor vehicles including private or personal vehicles and commercial vehicles. If a vehicle is found to be used without paying the road tax, then the vehicle owner is liable to pay hefty fines. Instead of following the conventional method to pay road tax offline, you can now pay Delhi road tax online as well. To submit road tax online in Delhi, follow these steps:

  1. Open the official link of the Delhi state government transport department, click here

  2. You will be redirected to the Parivahan website

  3. Select Delhi as your state

  4. A new page will open, the users need to register themselves using a valid email address and mobile number

  5. An activation link will be sent to the email address and mobile number

  6. Click on the activation link and set the password for your user ID

  7. Next, click on the “online services” tab

  8. Enter the registration number and generate the OTP

  9. Select the payment of vehicle tax to avail this service

  10. Enter the required details including the personal information and vehicle-related information

  11. Check your tax details and make the online payment

  12. You can make payment either by debit/credit card or Net banking

  13. Once done, print the fee receipt for future reference

Frequently Asked Questions
To print Delhi road tax receipt, open the portal,  and click on the Status tab on the homepage. Choose “Reprint Receipt/Form” from the drop-down menu. Select Reprint Receipt again and enter the required information to print the payment receipt.
Yes, you can submit the road tax payment offline in Delhi by visiting the respective RTO along with relevant documents.
As per the voluntary vehicle scrapping policy, It is not allowed to use a 15-year-old car in Delhi. A vehicle owner holding a 15-year-old car has to pay an extra green tax apart from the road tax.
The road tax for private and non-commercial vehicles is a one-time payment, however, for commercial and passenger vehicles, the road tax can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis.
An individual can pay road tax either at the time of the registration of the vehicle or after registration of the vehicle with the Registering Authority.