Roadside Assistance: A Complete Guide on its Meaning & Use Cases

Roadside Assistance (RSA) is a type of breakdown cover that you can add on while choosing an insurance policy for your bike or car. When opted for this cover, you can get assistance or help if you are stuck on the road. Be it a flat tyre or a small mechanical issue, with roadside assistance, you can get 24*7 help in case of any trouble. Vehicle owners who opt for roadside assistance cover in their insurance plan only need to give a call to their insurer if they need any service.

As far as roadside assistance working is concerned, all you need to do is keep your policy documents handy and the help would be provided in no time and free of cost. However, in some cases, you need to pay additional costs such as for refuelling or if your vehicle has to be towed. To understand roadside assistance meaning comprehensively, read the benefits of this cover mentioned below.

Benefits Of Roadside Assistance Cover

There are many services and a host of benefits offered under the roadside assistance cover, some of which are:

Mechanical or Electrical Issues

If your two-wheeler has broken down on the road or even at home, you can get roadside assistance for bike from your insurer at the site of breakdown. The mechanic would offer you the required assistance with the electrical or mechanical repairs.


If your car has encountered an accident, roadside assistance for the car offered by the insurance company would arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the garage or service centre.

Fuel Delivery 

If the vehicle is covered under roadside assistance, the insurer would arrange fuel for up to 5 litres for the covered vehicle. The fuel would be delivered to the vehicle’s location for refuelling. However, few insurance companies have specific limits about how many times this service can be availed.

Hotel Accommodation

Many insurance companies also arrange hotel stay facilities for vehicle owners while the vehicle is getting repaired. These hotels are usually located in the vicinity of the garage. However, the accommodation costs are generally not included in the cover.

Alternative Vehicle

Many times, your insurer would get you an alternate vehicle that you can use while your vehicle is being repaired. This service is however offered to only one destination.

Medical Help

If a policyholder needs any sort of medical assistance because of the inconvenience caused due the insured bike or car, then the insurance company offers the required assistance. However, the vehicle owner is supposed to bear the medical bills and other charges.

Urgent Message Delivery

If you are stuck in some unfavourable situation and unable to convey the message to your family members, then the insurance companies can help you to get in touch with your family through conference calls.

Repaired Car Delivery

In case the policyholder is not available to pick the car or bike from the garage, then the insurer would assist in delivering the repaired vehicle to the residence of the policyholder.

Factors To Consider Before Taking Roadside Assistance For Car/Bike

It entirely depends on the policyholders if they want to opt for the roadside assistance cover or not. The roadside assistance cover is beneficial for those who use their vehicles for a long journey. This is because these types of vehicles need more repair work. Besides this, roadside assistance is extremely useful for elderly people driving the vehicle. Some of the factors that the policyholder should consider before opting for roadside assistance are as follows:

Vehicle’ Age

Let’s assume you drive a brand new car, then you might not require roadside assistance as the vehicle would already be in good working condition. In general, roadside assistance is more helpful for owners of old vehicles.

Frequency of usage

Those who use their vehicle more frequently, especially for the long-distance journey should be investing in roadside assistance cover.

Cost and Convenience

If you wish to take advantage of the services mentioned above, then you can opt for the roadside assistance cover. Also, with this breakdown cover, you would be able to save up on a lot of expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roadside Assistance (RSA) Cover is provided to the policyholders at a very minimal cost. However, the additional cost may vary from one insurance company to another based on the services.
The majority of the leading insurance companies in the country are offering roadside assistance services to their customers.

Most of the basic exclusions of the insurance policy are valid to the RSA cover as well, however, to get a clear picture, you should contact your insurer.

The insurance companies usually have a partnership with garages across the country that can offer services to their customers in case of emergency. In case a policyholder requires roadside assistance, the nearest garage would be contacted to offer help and other services according to the circumstances.