RTO Offices in Uttarakhand: Complete List With Address & Phone Numbers

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The Transport department of Uttarakhand was established under the provisions of section 133 A of the Motor Vehicles Act 1939. Uttarakhand transport department is headed by the Transport Commissioner. Besides the transport department, Uttarakhand transport corporation is another main constituent of the transport system in this state. The corporation offers services on nationalized routes as well as on interstate routes. The Transport Department of Uttarakhand is striving hard for the development of transport facilities in this state to offer effective, satisfactory and economic transport services. It has the responsibility to carry out various activities related to transport such as issuance and renewal of driving licences, registration of motor vehicles, issuance and renewal of permits, tax collection, road safety regulations and various other regulatory and enforcement activities. To keep mobility safe and comfortable for the public on roads, an effective road transport management system has been established in the state of Uttarakhand by its transport department. Under this system, RTO Uttarakhand has been established in the state to manage all vehicle-related activities. Citizens can either visit the RTO offline or visit the Uttarakhand transport department website to avail vehicle-related services. Every Regional Transport Office in Uttarakhand has a unique code. Learn more about Uttarakhand RTO codes below.

List of Regional Transport Offices with RTO Code in Uttarakhand



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Udham Singh Nagar


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Dehra Dun


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Services Offered by Regional Transport Office Uttarakhand

Any Regional Transport Office (RTO) across various cities, states or union territories in India have certain sets of functions that they are deemed to carry out. The main functions of an RTO of Uttarakhand are three-fold:

  • To ensure that the provisions of all the rules and regulations stated under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and the state motor vehicles guidelines are properly enforced.
  • To levy and collect tax according to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  • To facilitate the development and growth of road transportation by managing respective permits.

In order to comply with the functional requirements mentioned above, all RTOs, including the RTO in Uttarakhand, perform the following main activities, as per the vehicles act:


Motor Vehicle Registration

This includes issuing and renewing registration certificates for motor vehicles, transfer of ownership of the vehicle, change in registration details, hypothecation removal and issuing fitness certificate to the vehicle


Motor Vehicle Tax Collection

This includes collection of Motor Vehicle Tax, or Road Tax, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, conducting any motor department’s action cases and collection of vehicle inspection fee


Issuance of Driving Licence

This includes issuing a learner’s permit and subsequently a driving licence, conducting driving tests, renewal or duplication of driving licence (in case of loss or theft), issuing licence for driving instructors, conductors for commercial vehicles and for professional motor vehicles driving schools


Vehicle’s Mechanical Inspection

This includes vehicle inspection for fitness certification, for giving clearance to accidental vehicles, and validity check for insurance and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate


Issuance of Permits

This includes issuing various tourist and transportation permits such as International Driving Permit, inter-state and national permits for commercial vehicles, permits for passenger carrying vehicles and school buses, and All India Tourist Vehicle Authorisation and Permit

The application for the vehicle registration can be submitted online through the Uttarakhand state transport department website. You need to upload the required documents and submit the application fee to complete the process. After this, the acknowledgement slip and the application form has to be submitted to the concerned RTO.
You can find vehicle details registered under Uttarakhand RTO offices either offline from the respective RTO or online from the Uttarakhand transport department website.
You can contact the Uttarakhand RTO at helpline number, 0135-2743432.
You can apply for the renewal of your driving licence online in Uttarakhand through the state’s transport department website. The website will redirect you to the Parivahan portal where you need to submit the application form along with the relevant documents. An applicable fee has to be paid as well while submitting the application.
The road tax in Uttarakhand is calculated based on multiple parameters. The tax rate varies according to the type or category of vehicle. Besides this, the purpose of usage whether it is for personal use or commercial use is also taken into consideration. Other factors include model, seating capacity and prices. Based on these parameters, the vehicle owner is supposed to pay the tax in Uttarakhand.

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