Traffic eChallan Payment online: Check status & download your challan online

For any traffic violations in India, a fine is imposed against the vehicle or the driving licence disobeying traffic rules. From issuing of a challan to its payment, the process is a time consuming one, with a lot of documentation and dates involved. Now that the world is at a digital age, the government of India decided to digitize the challan system, and thus the concept of e-challan came about. Learn what is an e-challan, its working, and how you can check the status of your e-challan, verify your fines and pay e-challan online with ease.

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Learn what is an e-challan, its working, and how you can check the status of your e-challan, verify your fines and pay e-challan online with ease.

What is E-Challan? How does an E-Challan work?

An Electronic Challan, also known as an E-Challan, is an online copy of any traffic violations that may have been made by a person. The idea behind the e-challan system is to make a single platform available for the citizens to have all their traffic violations documented and to encourage easy settlement methods.

An e-challan is issued to you if you end up flouting traffic rules and regulations. The traffic police has deployed cameras at every stop sign and other regions. As soon as a vehicle commits a traffic violation, the image of the vehicle is taken by the camera, which relays information about the vehicle including the registration number of the vehicle, make and model, name of the owner and residential address and contact information. Through this information, an RTO e-challan is generated and the registered mobile number with the vehicle is sent an SMS with the details of the fine.

With the help of this e-challan online system, users can do an e-challan status check, get all their e-challan details and make their traffic e-challan payment.

How do you make traffic E-challan payment online?

If you are wondering about how to pay e-challan online, you are not alone. All states have their particular official transport website where a person can log on to make their traffic e-challan payment. Through the centralised e-challan system, the Indian government has simplified the process of clearing your e-challan dues. In order to pay e-challan, a user can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Visit Vahan Jankari
Step 2: Click on “E-Challan Jankari” Section
Step 3: Add Your Vehicle
Step 4: Select Your Added Vehicle if already added
Step 5: Select Your Challan & Click Pay Now

How to check and verify e-challan online?

It is very simple to do an e-challan status check online. Once a challan has been generated by the traffic police for any of your traffic violations, the number registered with the vehicle committing the offence receives an SMS intimating about the pending e-challan. If there are multiple violations for which your vehicle is being issued separate fines, it is important to check and verify the details and make the vehicle e-challan payment as soon as possible.

To do a traffic e-challan check, you need to log on to our Vahaan Jankari app, whereupon entering your vehicle number, you can check for all violations recorded by the traffic police against your vehicle or driving licence. After doing a thorough e-challan check online, you must proceed to make the payment and clear your dues.

You can also cross-check and verify all your RTO e-challan status on the website to keep track of your pending dues, if any. This is an important exercise to ensure timely traffic e-chal- lan payment as the traffic enforcement system dictates that you must pay e-challan within 60 days from the date of issue. If the time period of 60 days lapses, then the matter will be taken up in court.

Logon to Vaahan Jaankari to Check the status of your E-Challan

What is E-Challan Parivahan Sewa?

It is a well known fact that when it comes to paying fines for traffic violations, the entire process is very complicated and time consuming. It involves going to the traffic police station, standing in long queues, and a lot of paperwork. In order to simplify the process and make payment of traffic penalties quick for offenders, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has come up with an E-Challan Parivahan - Digital Traffic/ Transport Enforcement Solution.

With the help of the E-Challan Parivahan Sewa, people can now pay their traffic fines by means of e-challan online, can do an e-challan status check and know about their pending e-challan at once place.

If you believe that an RTO e-challan has been wrongfully issued to you, then you can dispute the e-challan. To know how to contest e-challan, you must get in touch with the court that is mentioned in the challan notice, and furnish proofs and documentation that prove non-violation of any traffic laws.
As per guidelines, you need to pay e-challan within 60 days from the date of issue. If you do not make the payment in the stipulated time period, then your challan will go to court, where you will be summoned to pay the fine.
Under certain conditions, you can get your e-challan cancelled by paying a sum of ₹100 per violation. As per the revised Motor Vehicles Act, if you are fined for not carrying vehicle documents such as registration certificate, driver’s licence, insurance papers, pollution certificate, etc., you can visit your concerned RTO or traffic police station, produce all the correct vehicle documents and pay ₹100 per document and get your e-challan cancelled. It should be noted that this system is applicable only if you are fined for not carrying your vehicle’s documents, not for other traffic violations.
The number of e-challans depend on the type of offence, and you can be issued an e-challan for multiple different offences at the same time.
You can track all your traffic offences and know your pending e-challans with the help of our Vahaan Jankari app. You can get to know all traffic violations and pending notices on the app simply by entering the vehicle number.
You need to pay the e-challan within 60 days of the date of issue of the notice. Failing to comply with the time period can result in the challan getting forwarded to the court.
As per Section 130 of the Motor Vehicles Act, the driver of the motor vehicle that is stopped by any police officer in uniform shall on demand produce his/her documents for examination, which means that you are required to show your documents, but it is your choice if you want to hand over the documents or not.
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