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Dash Cam for Car, Bus and Truck: A Dashcam for Every Fleet

With rising accident rates in India and a surge in road rage incidents, your Dashcam provides an adequate safety and protection solution. Consider it "CCTV" for your vehicle, keeping a close eye on everything that happens around and inside it. Women drivers can feel secure because the Dash Camera is an excellent deterrence to criminals. Hired drivers can be watched while driving your car or transporting your children to school.

Key Benefits of Using LocoNav Dashcam in India

Track Road Conditions in Real-Time

Dashcams help you monitor the live road conditions your fleet is facing. You can monitor traffic, weather, speed limits, and more.

Identify Bad Driving Behavior

Dashcams can assist fleet management and drivers in identifying ineffective driving behaviors and providing targeted training to improve specific skills and talents.

Manage Insurance Claims

Mounted cameras can be utilized as a still cameras for documentation after an accident and cut your insurance rates and/or claims.

Proactive Driver Coaching

With the capacity to see the specific behaviors occurring and the conditions leading up to them, you can provide more effective driver coaching to prevent future occurrences.

Theft Prevention

Dashcams provides a 360-degree view of the surroundings, ensuring that you obtain a shot of anyone approaching the car from any direction.

Risk Management

In-vehicle dashcam technology can help you avoid risk and protect your brand by determining if your drivers and vehicles are operating safely.

LocoNav Dash Cam Specifications: Choose the Dashcam that is right for you

  • Dual Channel Dashcam (Detachable)
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex Processor
  • 1 GB ROM
  • 16 GB Internal + 128 GB Storage Capacity
  • Resolution-Front: 1080P, Dynamic FPS 118/145
  • Resolution-Cabin: 720P, Dynamic FPS, 100/150
  • Device Porting via SD card updates only
  • Supports ADAS and DMS
  • Supports Live Stream

What Our Happy Customers Say

General FAQS

Are you interested in buying a LocoNav dashcam for your fleet in India? Leave your details in the form above and our team will contact you shortly to guide you through the process.
Yes, the LocoNav dashcam does come with GPS tracking.
LocoNav Dashcams are designed to alert when a vehicle crosses the speed limit posted on the road sign.
You can view dashcam footage by logging onto the LocoNav platform. You can see recordings for various on-road and in-cab instances.
When you buy a LocoNav dashcam, our representative will come and help you with the installation.
Yes, hardwiring a dashcam to your vehicle not only looks nicer because there are no wires hanging down or visible. This also frees up your 12V plug for charging your phone, using it as a cigarette lighter, or powering other gadgets such as a GPS.

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