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Verify your drivers from our mobile application and be assure about the journey. Get real time alerts to prevent overspeeding, accidents, breakdown or theft.

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LocoNav’s Telematics give you fleet data into real-time, actionable information that is intuitively presented via customizable dashboards. Use the data to take valuable decisions to scale up your business.

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Critical maintenance tasks are never missed with LocoNav. With complete maintenance, inspection and repair workflows, you can ensure regulat asset upkeep so that your business moves with peak vehicle health.

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General FAQS

The word Telematics takes its origin from two separate words: Telecommunication and Informatics. It utilises communication and information technology to send, receive and store data regarding a remote vehicle over a network, with the help of telecommunication devices. Telematics has been designed to monitor your assets, and it utilises GPS to track and provide diagnostic information via s server.
Telematics comes with many separate fields under its umbrella, such as telecommunications, computer science, road transportation and electrical engineering. It essentially works on exchange, transmission and storage of information in order to control vehicles located remotely or on the move. It also aids the driver in navigation and monitoring vehicle performance.
The utility of this technology is far reaching. Car telematics devices are a popular choice amongst private car owners. Telematics in bikes are also being used by the public. Along with that, truck telematics is another avenue that is being explored by truck owners in India.
Many fleet management softwares are now deployed over telematics. It provides the facility of monitoring speeds, acceleration, fuel consumption, idling, braking habits, location, engine health, and much more. The telematics tools are often incorporated with cargo dispatch and scheduling. The idea behind this practice is to maintain absolute transparency between the stakeholders, namely the consigner, the driver and the customer.
A Telematics device is aimed at propagating navigation and vehicular management as an intelligent and automated process. It provides you with all the information relevant to you and your business in regards to your fleet.
‘Black Box’ is the term coined for Telematics GPS devices. This black box is essentially a small electronic equipment that is fitted inside a vehicle, also known as the Telematics Control Unit (TCU). With a surge in transportation in our country, Telematics devices in India are tasked with gathering data pertaining to all aspects of the vehicle, and then promptly transmitting the same to a set of servers via a wireless network. The receiver, i.e., an app on your mobile or a desktop application, then receives this information with the help of the servers.
Telematics gives fleet managers the avenue to perform sharing of data and analytics for long distance transmissions. When you have a sizable fleet, management of your vehicle poses a problem. And when you cannot be present with each vehicle at all times, the problem in fleet management tends to compound.
However, with Telematics vehicle tracking, you can expect immense help in fleet management. It improves the efficiency of your fleet by providing optimised routes ahead of dispatch of the cargo. Moreover, it creates a transparent channel of communication between the fleet manager, the driver and the customer. Further, it enhances the safety of your fleet as well as your crew, on and off the road. With emergency buttons installed within the Telematics device, the passengers in your fleet can send alarms in case of any mishap or accident. These devices also offer remote locking and unlocking of your fleet, so that your fleet will be safe from theft. With fuel monitoring and engine health updates, you can reduce your operational costs exponentially by utilising Telematics fleet management.
Telematics allows the fleet industry to march towards great heights at an efficient pace, therefore leading it all the way to success.
There is not much difference between Telematics and Informatics as technologies. Telematics is actually an interdisciplinary field that includes functionalities of Informatics. As a technological branch, Informatics is a subsidiary of information engineering. It includes facets of various other fields like computer science, information technology, data science and statistics. It has a two-fold role: it is tasked with processing of information, and it is involved in the designing of information systems. This field is the mode of communication between information and human beings. This communication is achieved by various entities involved, such as interfaces, networks, organisations and systems.
Informatics has been on the rise ever since digital transformation is underway in the world. And because of this growth, Telematics emerged and has been a formidable force in the field of transportation. There are certain key elements that bring together the Telematics ecosystem. The part that is concerned with the exchange of data, the Telematics Control Unit (TCU), is the one that utilises Informatic sciences in Telematics. The TCU compiles all the information from your fleet, and then transports it to cloud servers from where it becomes accessible to the user. Thus, Informatics is the helping hand that has made it possible for Telematics to emerge.
Effectively, a Telematics device can be installed anywhere within the vehicle. The location of the device can be based on the intentions with which the device is being installed. The Telematics GPS tracker can be put in areas within the vehicle, such as behind the dashboard, plugged into the OBD port, vehicle undercarriage, beneath the seat or in the glove box.
In reality, the devices are connected on the basis of their power source. The ones that draw power from the vehicle’s battery, which are plugged into an OBD port or the accessory socket. And when the device has its own power source, they are the ones that can be installed in a very discreet manner, essentially anywhere.
There are a variety of reasons why you would want to install a Telematics device inside your vehicle. Either for personal car tracking, or for commercial purposes such as tracking consignment, driver behaviour, employee log or transportation, the list is endless. Commercially, the purpose of installing a Telematics GPS tracking system is to keep a track of fleet utility, and to make sure that the fleet is being used in the most efficient way possible.
The Telematics technology allows you to get comprehensive reports on all diagnostic data about you vehicle. With the help of this data, you can gain insights about you vehicle’s performance, driver behaviour and utility patterns.
The statistics that are reported by the Telematics device are absolutely accurate, on account of the fact that it utilises GPS within the onboard diagnostics devices to collect information. This data is then accumulated in the form of packets, which are then relayed to the server. These packets are then decoded and the information is presented to the user. The frequency of the statistical reports can be specified by the user, as per their requirement.
The accuracy of Telematics solutions is due to absolute machine-to-machine communication, which transports information wirelessly. This data is stored on a virtual cloud, which makes it available to other entities who have access to it. This further enhances the safety of the information, thus making it all the more accurate.
Yes, being a part of the Automotive Industry, you most definitely can utitise the tremendous benefits of Automotive Telematics. Going by the current scenario, the automotive industry is taking Telematics on board to monitor vehicle and employee performance, and to stay abreast with every maintenance endeavour needed. You must invest in this technology if you aim to propagate wireless communication.
With the rise in vehicle sales, the automotive industry in growing by the minute. And with Automotive Telematics, you can drive in digital functionalities to the automotive and transport industry. For your business, you can employ a Telematics device to aid you with navigation, preventing vehicle theft, electronic tolls and all pertinent data about your vehicle. And along with that, you can get real-time updates about the position of your vehicle, information about your vehicle’s health and fuel consumption rates, among other things.
Applications of telematics in automotive industry are vast. Integration of Telematics in the Automotive industry can benefit your business by reducing the volume of mishaps on the road, along with preventing your vehicle from any possible damage. This, in turn, will take the automotive industry towards digital advancement. Your industry can profit from accurate traffic updates, real-time tracking and fleet management.
It is good practice for you to indulge in Telematics insurance. This is done by installing a vehicle tracking device, or a ‘black box’, within the vehicle. The telematics car insurance device then records data such as distance travelled by the vehicle, speed analysis and when the vehicle is being driven.
In the unfortunate event that your vehicle gets into an accident, with Telematics insurance, your insurer can identify the exact location where the accident took place and damage was incurred by the vehicle. Moreover, Telematics insurance in India is utilised for determining the extent of destruction to the vehicle, and if any other vehicle was involved in the accident as well. This insurance propagates insurance based on usage. So the insurance cost is finalised on the basis of driving patterns, driver’s risk, where the vehicle goes, how much does it run for and what time does it usually is on the road. Insurers can calculate the cost levied by your insurance and thus can regulate your premium.
Yes, we provide a comprehensive demo of our Telematics devices. Our services are spread all across India, and you can avail a demo at any time at no extra charge by getting in touch with our team.
Our Telematics solutions are available across both platforms, Android as well as iOS.
When we talk about the logistics industry, supply chain has a very crucial role to play. Supply chain operations have a vast pool of assignments to perform, such as sourcing, procurement, planning and dispatching. Moreover, supply chain operations include integration of all stakeholders involved, namely the supplier, transporter and the customer. It is tasked with managing supply and demand verticals expanding over all business sectors.
Therefore, commercial vehicle telematics devices in India are the need of the hour. In order to streamline your company’s supply chain operations, LocoNav can be your one-stop solution. LocoNav provides you the ability to track your assets anytime, anywhere in real time from the comfort of your home or office, thus making your supply chain more efficient. Our vehicle telematics allow you to keep an eye on your vehicle, to check whether it is in the warehouse loading cargo, and subsequently has dispatched on time. You can also be aware of the timeline being followed by your vehicle on the road, and know the estimated time of delivery.
LocoNav’s Telematics solutions offer you the chance to save big on fuel costs by performing fuel monitoring, which can further improve your supply chain operations.
LocoNav, India’s #1 Telematics service provider, has been leading in the Telematics market consistently. Our headway comes from identifying the core problem area, that businesses in India are forced to run their vehicles with extreme inefficiency and poor security. And with our Telematics solutions, we are determined to change that. After acutely studying the market trends and the problems incurred by businesses, we are able to provide solutions such that businesses can benefit from lower running costs, enhanced security and faster turnarounds. Our pan India operations, along with great customer service has made it possible for us to be the best Fleet Telematics providers in the country.
We offer many other optimised solutions for your business, apart from GPS tracking. Our extensive services such as expense management, insurance and FASTag are the reason why we are a cut above our competitors. You can utilise the different solutions that we offer to grow your business exponentially.
With our extensive B2B network, LocoNav has been, and continues to be, a key partner for big corporates. We provide a plethora of services governed by Telematics, such as fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking system, shipment tracking, FASTag, and much more.
As corporates are known to have a large number of vehicles in their fleet, with LocoNav’s Telematics solutions you can now keep track of your deliveries and monitor your crew on and off the road. Moreover, we provide a free customised Shipment Tracking tool, so as to lend a supporting hand to your supply chain and optimise your business practices.