E-Challan Ahmedabad: How to Pay & Check Status of Your Traffic Police Challan in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A challan is released by the traffic police against someone who is found violating the traffic rules. This official document when issued against a vehicle owner makes him/her accountable to pay a fine. The penalty is decided on the basis of violation done by the person. If the challan is generated through the Electronic Challan System, then it is called e-challan. An e-challan is an extraordinary measure utilized by the Government of India to ensure better transparency and smooth services. Learn about how to pay and check the status of traffic e-challan online in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Traffic e-Challan System Ahmedabad (Gujarat) & its Working

The Ahmedabad Traffic Police’s first priority is to safeguard the safety of the citizens as this city has a population of more than 60 lakhs. With the use of the e-Challan system, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police has managed to control the traffic to a great extent and ensured that no violations take place on the roads. You can check your e-challan status on the official website of Ahmedabad Traffic Police as the city police keep updating all the data about challan on this website. To make the process more streamlined and efficient, they have also tied up with local RTOs so that violators can be notified about the challan through the SMS facility.

The official website to check and pay e-challan online in Ahmedabad is https://payahmedabadechallan.org/. You can check it by entering their vehicle number on the homepage. In case a challan has been issued, it will be displayed on the page with complete details such as the image of the vehicle, challan date, amount, type as well as the place of the violation. There are multiple options available through which payment can be made on the website. This is a great initiative taken by the Ahmedabad traffic police to make sure that the citizens can conveniently check and pay the challan without waiting in long queues.

The police control rooms have the authority to check footage of traffic violations done by citizens after which a challan is released. These violations include jumping a signal, overspeeding a vehicle, driving without a helmet or PUC Certificate, talking on mobile while driving, etc. Besides this, Ahmedabad Traffic Police also have their own app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store/App Store through which people will be able to check the challan status of their vehicle easily.

How to Make Online e-Challan Payment in Ahmedabad: A Step-by-Step Process

From parking your vehicle in an unapproved place to jumping the red light and crossing the maximum speed limit to not carrying DL and RC, all of them are traffic rules violations for which a person is liable to pay a fine. If found guilty, a person will receive an e-challan either on their mobile phone through SMS or at their registered address. It is always a good idea to pay the fine as soon as possible to avoid any legal actions.

Here are the steps you can follow if you wish to make e-challan payment online:

Step 1: Visit the website, https://payahmedabadechallan.org/

Step 2: Enter the vehicle number on the home page

Step 3: A new page will open, listing the pending challans with complete details

Step 4: Select the mode of payment from the available options

Alternatively, you can also make payment through the Parivahan website for which the steps are mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit Parivahan Website 

Step 2: Enter your challan number, vehicle number, or DL number on the page

Step3: Add the Captcha code and click on the ‘Get Detail’ tab

Step 4: A new page will open where you can get every detail about the e-challan

Step 5: Click on ‘Pay Now’ under the Payment column and proceed further

Step 6: Choose the mode of payment from the given options. You can pay through net banking, credit card, or debit card

Step 7: Once the payment is received, a confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number

How to Check e-Challan Status in Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

In case you have misplaced the e-challan sent to you or deleted the challan SMS received from RTO, you can still get every detail about the traffic challan online. Here are the steps by which you can check the traffic fine and e-challan status online:

Step 1: Visit https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/

Step 2: Click on the ‘Check Challan Status’ tab on the homepage

Step 3: A new page will open where you need to enter either your DL number or vehicle number

Step 4: In case, there’s no fine and e-challan against you, a Challan Not Found’ dialogue box will open

Step 5: If there’s a pending fine or e-challan against your name, then a page will open that will show you all the details about the challan

Ahmedabad Traffic e-Challan App

Ahmedabad Traffic Police have launched an app through which the police can easily manage the traffic and violations done on the road. The app will enable the traffic police to check traffic violations after which an automatic e-challan is generated and sent to the violator. This app also has all the other facilities so that people can pay the challan through their smartphone. You can download the app from Google Play Store or App Store. This mobile app will list out every detail about your pending challans. The app basically has been designed primarily for collecting the fine from the people. You need to enter your vehicle’s registration number in this mobile app after which the status of challan as well as the payment options would be available.


  • Primarily designed to help police manage traffic easily
  • Allows the traffic police to capture violations
  • Automated challan is generated through this app
  • Online Challan payment can be done
  • Nearest parking facility can be searched
  • Towed vehicle location can be found

How to pay e-challan through Ahmedabad Traffic Police e-Challan App

If you want to make payment for your e-challan through the Ahmedabad Traffic Police App, then you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the app from Google Play Store/App Store

Step 2: After installing the app, sign up by filling in the required details

Step 3: Enter your vehicle number and click on “Get Challan Details”

Step 4: After checking the details, select the mode of payment

Traffic Police Violation & Fine List Ahmedabad (Gujarat) 2022

Traffic rule violations are an offense in our country for which penalties are set as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. These penalties are more or less the same for every state. It should be noted that if a person is found violating the same traffic rule twice, then the penalties are increased for the same. Here are the penalties for some types of traffic rule violations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

Traffic Rules Fines
Driving without helmet Rs 500
Driving without seatbelt Rs 500
Overloading a vehicle Rs 100
Talking on a mobile phone while driving Rs 500
Driving on the wrong side Rs 1,500-5,000
Driving without DL Rs 2,000-3,000
Driving an unregistered vehicle Rs 1,000-5,000
Not allowing the emergency vehicle to pass Rs 1,000
A breach in stipulated pollution norms Rs 1,000-3,000
Drunk driving Rs 10,000
An underage person driving a vehicle Rs 25,000
Not following traffic lights rule Rs 100-5,00
Frequently Asked Questions About Traffic e-Challan in Ahmedabad

You can get the e-challan payment receipt after the successful completion of payment. The receipt can be downloaded from the official website of Ahmedabad Traffic police, https://payahmedabadechallan.org/.

Ahmedabad Traffic Police can be reached out either on their Traffic Helpline Number 1095 or on WhatsApp using the number, 9979921095.

Any person wanting to download the e-challan can do it from https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/index/accused-challan. You need to enter either challan number, DL number, or vehicle number on the main page. Enter captcha code after which you get every detail about the e-challan as well as the download link of the receipt.

It is less likely to get penalized for a wrong challan. However, if in case this happens by mistake, then a person can report it by either writing to the Ahmedabad Traffic Police or by reporting the same on the helpline numbers. You can also visit their official Facebook page to leave an online complaint.
If a person does not submit the challan dues on time, then the case is most likely to proceed to court. The vehicle owner is called to give clarification for not paying the e-challan. If a person does not appear in front of the court, then his/her licence is suspended.