Improve Driver Performance & Productivity With LocoNav Driver Scorecards

Advanced analytics has the ability to completely transform the transportation industry. A driver scorecard assists in calculating strategic risk scores based on important indicators such as speeding, forceful braking, over-acceleration, and unauthorized vehicle use. 

What Is A Driver Scorecard?

A driver scorecard is a tool for evaluating the performance of your drivers based on measurable driving metrics. Driver Scorecards: 

  • Provide essential information to help you understand how your drivers are performing, how they compare to one another, and whether they are on schedule to meet specific targets.
  • Reflect the degree to which a motorist follows conventional safety protocols
  • Maintain the safety, efficiency, and performance of your fleet while minimizing wear & tear, accidents, and repair expenditures.

Here are 5 benefits you will get on employing LocoNav’s Driver Scorecards:

Identifying Areas of Improvementdriver scorecard

Driver Scorecards allow you to identify problem areas and the drivers that might be contributing to them. Fleet owners can post monthly scorecard reports and allow drivers to self-assess and work to improve their driving habits. A driver scorecard will also allow you to set goals for progress while keeping the baseline metrics in mind, as well as provide driver training to high-risk drivers.

Holistic Driver Performance Reports

The success of a driver scorecard is determined by how it is implemented and how it is used. LocoNav allows you to design driver scorecard reports based on your objective KPIs for fleet vehicle daily operations.

Some metrics that you can evaluate using the LocoNav driver scorecards are:

  • Overspeeding
  • Sudden Acceleration
  • Sudden Braking
  • Sharp Turns
  • Idling

Fuel Monitoring

It’s a proven fact that fuel is a major cost to almost all fleets, irrespective of their industry or size. All the metrics outlined above contribute to excessive fuel usage. Unwanted driver habits, like overspeeding and idling, might, on the other hand, have a detrimental impact on fuel usage and the economy. Driver behavior can affect a vehicle’s fuel economy and changing these habits can result in significant savings in yearly fuel consumption.

Improved Vehicle Health

Unsafe driving behaviors also have an impact on your fleets’ health. Even if you ignore the expense of fuel, severe driving incidents, such as excessive speeding and harsh acceleration/braking, increase the frequency of vehicle repair. On the contrary, safer driving necessitates minimal maintenance visits and lower associated costs – a much-needed benefit. 

Increased Profitability

The data collected by driver scorecards can be used as a teaching tool to help drivers learn and to compensate good drivers allowing fleets to save money on fuel, repairs, and fines. When drivers (and fleet owners) are more conscious of particular behaviors, they can eliminate costly behaviors and replace them with cost-saving habits.

driver scorecard

While safety must always come first in shipping and transportation, a productive team is also vital. With a well-customized driver scorecard, businesses can actively monitor and update their KPIs. In the digital age, flexibility and agility are more crucial than ever before. Fleet owners may modify their business objectives and swiftly respond by regularly monitoring and measuring data. They will not only avoid the potential of complacency but will also acquire a competitive advantage.

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