4 Ways To Reduce Expenses In Oil And Gas Fleet

Fleet vehicles are critical to the operations of an oil and gas company. Oil and gas fleet managers handle various fleet expenses to make sure a fleet vehicle’s efficiency is a vital contributor to a company’s revenue. Reduced fleet expenses are a priority for oil and gas fleet managers. To monitor a company’s daily fleet activities, the most advantageous option combines fleet management software and fleet monitoring devices.

Having a fleet tracking device in all oil and gas business vehicles allows fleet managers to obtain data and access information records on a fleet vehicle’s performance, providing insight into where total fleet expenses might be reduced. 

In this blog, we will discuss the top expenses that an oil and gas fleet has to bear and ways to manage them. 

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Top Expenses of an Oil and Gas Fleet

Most oil and gas businesses’ top fleet expenses are:

  • Maintenance 
  • Fuel
  • Insurance

How To Reduce Oil and Gas Fleet Expenses?

Here are a few ways fleet management software and tracking devices help oil and gas businesses save and manage their fleet expenses:

  1. Monitor Driving Behaviour

Transporting and distributing petroleum products is a big responsibility that is inherently hazardous for oil and gas corporations. This is why oil and gas fleet managers must ensure that fleet drivers drive with extraordinary caution. A petroleum-related accident can jeopardise the lives of everyone on the road, such as the driver, and can raise an oil and gas company’s fleet expenses if the fleet vehicle experiences significant damage.

Fleet managers can properly monitor

  • Time of arrival 
  • Time of departure
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Harsh braking events
  • Driving Speed
  • Idling

Using this data, a fleet manager can make a note of dangerous driving practices and contact their drivers to resolve any issues. This reduces fleet costs by lowering the likelihood of crashes.

  1. Accident Prevention

Oil and gas companies frequently have high premiums and require specialised insurance due to the risks and dangers connected with sector activities. Some of these speciality insurance plans are customised to the specific tools used by the oil and gas sector, but others can cover possible environmental and safety concerns unique to the business.

Oil and gas businesses might potentially reduce insurance premiums and risks while raising fleet expenses by using fleet management software and tracking equipment.

  • Keeping claims to a minimal as a result of fewer accidents; 
  • Using anti-theft measures to secure fleet vehicles and assets; and 
  1. Automate Maintenance Scheduling

A vehicle in an oil and gas fleet must always be properly serviced. Preventative maintenance procedures and frequent inspections are extremely beneficial, yet an incident can still occur between inspections. The time it takes for a fleet vehicle to undergo an unscheduled service for repair chips away at the everyday operations of oil and gas businesses and their fleet drivers. This also results in an unneeded fleet expense due to an unannounced maintenance operation.

  1. Monitor Your Fuel Usage

Fuel prices alone contribute significantly to oil and gas businesses’ fleet expenses, and fleet management software like LocoNav is the greatest way to assist in minimising fuel fleet expenses. Oil and gas fleet monitoring devices can analyse fuel economy on highways and city roads for better fuel tax statistics, in addition to monitoring a fleet vehicle’s tank level. Custom maps can also be uploaded by oil and gas fleet managers to enable more precise off-road live tracking functionalities.


Oil and gas businesses have various fleet expenses, but you may cut down on and save money on yours with fleet management solutions and tracking equipment. While trends in any industry come and go, a dependable solutions partner will assist you in riding any wave that comes your way. 

LocoNav Solutions Suite is an innovative mix of fleet and asset management solutions that will assist you in managing your fleet from start to finish. From vehicle tracking to vehicle management, video telematics to thorough reporting, and fuel monitoring to tyre management, we have got you covered. We provide you with every tool you might possibly need to maintain your fleet functioning.

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