How Can Loconav’s Technology Benefit Small Business Owners?

Small businesses often think they do not need GPS just because they have nothing to track. This misconception is puzzling. The greatest thing about modern technology is that it provides anyone with handy affordable tools such that business and solo entrepreneurs could not dream about some 50 years ago. Developments in technology mean that modern vehicle tracking systems provide comprehensive data that is of real value to business owners and can cut maintenance and fuel costs considerably.

Here are quick ways that small businesses can benefit greatly from LocoNav’s GPS for small businesses.

Increased Productivity

Whether you are a taxi, delivery, or courier service, GPS tracking eliminates time-consuming outdated procedures such as phone calls and paperwork, thus increasing productivity. Also, by optimizing managing routines, GPS-enabled systems allow you to keep things under control, no matter how many hats you wear. Real-time visibility from any smart device and Geofence notifications make it possible to run your business almost 24/7.

route tracking in small business
GPS Destination Route Map Graphic Concept

Reduced Costs and Risks

Time and fuel are the most obvious things that small businesses effectively need to save. And thanks to GPS tracking for small business, this is an achievable target. But the benefits of fleet tracking are not limited to just that. Add quick recovery of your property in case of theft and the insurance discounts it can bring you. GPS managing also has hidden benefits, such as reduced labour and maintenance costs.

Better Customer Experience

To survive, small businesses must rely on loyal customers, and there is no better way to win their loyalty than a good customer service. In fact, people often expect better customer service from the small local businesses. Sometimes it is the main reason why they prefer local firms.
Knowing a current position of each of your vehicles, you will be able to get to your customers promptly. GPS for small businesses lets you answer the queries and emergencies of your customers ASAP.

Improve Employee Productivity

Blame human nature: But people are more productive when they’re monitored. And, let’s be honest: If you thought someone was watching everything you did, there are a lot of things you wouldn’t dream of doing! A recent study showed that the more the location of the workers was monitored, the better they perform.


Examples of huge advantages that come from GPS vehicle tracking for small businesses

• Restaurant delivery services can provide a better service to their customers by giving them accurate times for delivery utilising GPS route planning, ensuring that food deliveries are of a higher quality.
• Construction businesses can track vehicles and heavy machinery so they have continued awareness of the whereabouts of all assets.
• Taxi and delivery businesses will benefit from reduced fuel costs when they use fleet tracking to monitor which vehicles are closest to pick-up points.


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