LocoNav Helped This E-commerce Conglomerate Streamline Their Supply Chain


One of India’s largest e-commerce conglomerate has partnered with LocoNav to enhance their supply chain management. The company has been in operation for more than 10 years and has an extensive presence throughout the country. Having acquired several subsidiaries in its journey so far, this online retail venture has many private labels under its range of services.

The Challenge

Supply chain management has a pivotal role to play when it comes to the logistics sphere. It encircles a wide array of functionalities, including sourcing, procurement, planning and operational management. More importantly, it is tasked with efficient integration with a plethora of network associates, from suppliers to intermediaries to the end users, i.e., the customers. It deals with supply and demand management across all sectors and businesses.

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The organization, despite their size, was facing acute problems in their supply chain and product movement on the ground level. Lack of visibility and accountability was the major issue the company was struggling with. Pick-ups and returns from warehouse hubs to vendors were not getting logged appropriately. Employee timesheets went for a toss when there was no reliable platform to manage logs and accounts. Because of such complex setbacks, the company was unable to optimize their business time and workforce. They were thus forced to run their operations inefficiently and had to incur a vast amount of loss in terms of money and time.

In a bid to resolve the hiccups, LocoNav was commissioned to optimise the supply chain management of the consortium, along with providing a reliable source to account for the manpower being put in to run business operations.

The Solution

In order to streamline the company’s operations and provide comprehensive supply chain management, LocoNav delivered an automated solution. A customised dashboard was provided to the management to stay updated with the movement of their freight, right from sorting to packaging and shipment to the delivery. Absolute transparency was also provided to all stakeholders involved in the supply chain.


Optimisation of this consortium was planned, with the first step being digitization via a customised app. The supply chain managers were able to utilise an organised dashboard that helped them keep a track of all shipments. The dashboard provided them with the means to create shipment orders by the bulk, which were reflected instantly to all who had access to the dashboard. As soon as the order was packed, and the shipment started, the updates on the status were made automatically.

A buffer time was also provided in the time the consignment was stated to leave the source. When the time got lapsed, the shipment automatically went into the ‘Trash’ tab. This helped the supply chain managers locate the roadblocks that were leading to delays and unsuccessful shipments. They were thus able to take rectification measures and saw considerable improvement in their delivery system.

Intelligent reports

LocoNav offered the organisation a personalised app, made solely for the purpose of shipment creation. This had a massive impact on the company’s operations, since they were now getting updated shipment reports on the go. The management was able to identify the volume of delayed or trashed shipments, and were also privy to estimated time of delivery.

Ultimately, the client was able to run a time and labour saving supply chain, since most of their operational activities were automated. LocoNav’s solutions allowed the organisation to deliver on the promise of accelerated dispatches, thus enhancing their customer base. The supply chain ecosystem perked up and was aligned with the company’s operational process.

Effect On Business

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