Take Your Fleet Management To The Next Level Using LocoNav’s Route Deviation Software

Route planning is the lifeblood of smooth fleet operations. An ideal route including several stops takes hours to plan and costs the business money. The plan is formulated after taking into account various real-time conditions like weather, traffic, and POC availability. After all this hard work, some drivers deviate from the planned route for their own convenience or leisure. This ends up costing your business significant amounts of money.

As a resolution, LocoNav has come up with a route deviation alert system. This essentially allows fleet managers to receive automatic alerts in case of route deviations instead of them having to manually check the location of the vehicle throughout its journey.

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How Does LocoNav Route Deviation Work?

  • While there may be multiple routes that a vehicle can take from point A to B, certain business or operational requirements require a specific route to be taken, which can be set up on our platform. 
  • In the event that a vehicle deviates from the assigned route for a trip, an alert gets triggered which notifies the fleet manager of the same, and he/she can immediately look into it or contact the driver to get an update. 
  • To create a route, the user can select the source and the destination and if needed, various checkpoints can be added in between that route, hence, defining the exact path for vehicle movement for the entire route.
  • Any deviation of >500 meters from the path would lead to route deviation alert generation. This is the default deviation value (500 meters) and can be updated for an account as per user requirements.

Benefits Of Route Deviation For Logistic Companies:

  • Route deviation enables you to track operations proactively. The app allows you to receive your drivers’ progress and check ETAs in real time using GPS tracking.
  • Fleet managers can proactively track unapproved route deviations and help discourage the practice of fuel pilferage; thus saving the company money.
  • It keeps track of a variety of KPIs that impact your company’s success. These factors encompass delivery times, disruptions, fuel expenses, and average delivery time and cost. With this information, you may concentrate on areas where you can improve.
  • Route deviation software also tracks fuel efficiency to help you save money. It also ensures that drivers follow the most cost-effective routes, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your journeys in general.

These are only a few of route deviation’s more advanced features. Route deviation is an insightful software that provides organizations with the information they actually require. Fleet managers and drivers now have more real-time data at their fingertips, which they can use to improve their overall and track driver performance. 

Reach out to your LocoNav Key Account Manager to activate Route Deviation today!

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