What’s Holding Back the Fleet Management Industry?

Fleet Management Industry

As time passes, we grow busier and more technologically advanced. To cope up with our busy schedule, things around us have also changed or rather, evolved rapidly. One of the most significant growths is in the transportation system. What a century ago was a fiction fable ‘Around the world in 80 days’, today is the reality and it wouldn’t take more than 18 days!

We are aware of the massive growth in the Vehicle industry. As a measure to maintain this, the Fleet Management System was introduced.

Fleet Management System looks after each and every aspect starting from the Vehicle Tracking System with their Fleet Management Software to the final execution of the task. They ensure that the job is done properly avoiding or at least minimizing the risks involved.

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But there are certain aspects or issues that still hinder the management. These are the things that are holding back the Fleet Management Industry from blooming.

Let’s try and understand what are they are what can be done to prevent or at the very least, minimize them.

Fleet Tracking

How can you solve a problem if you don’t know where the problem is in the first place? That’s exactly what Fleet tracking does! it keeps a track of the problem. Through GPS or Global Positioning System, it locates where the vehicle is, where it was and what route it will take in order to reach the destination efficiently.

The GPS or GLONASS along with their abilities to calculate the location, speed, and directions make the GPS based Vehicle Tracking System.

Since it’s well balanced and advanced, what problems can it face, right?

Fleet Management Problems

There are some severe issues that Fleet Management has to deal with.

  1. Delay in operation
  2. Driver behaviour and break
  3. Vehicle’s condition and safety
  4. Paperwork
  5. High cost

We discuss these problems below, along with certain preventive measures that can be taken.

  • Delay in operation

The most common problem is the delay in the task. It can be due to not following the schedule where the drivers don’t arrive when they should and it ultimately results in a loss of business.

Sometimes, it’s also due to the genuine reasons for some unexpected or unseen incident in the roads.

What can we do to prevent it?

But what if one could keep the real-time track of the driver and of the route? With the advancement and use of Artificial Intelligence, the GPS locator could suggest by itself which route to follow to avoid any hindrance. The Fleet Management Software comes very handily in these cases.

  • Driver behaviour and break

Another common reason for the delay is that you have no idea how long your driver’s breaks are. Unscheduled, unreasonable or longer breaks cause them to get off the schedule.  

On the other hand, there can be several other reasons where they might have taken reasonable breaks but the delay was due to something else. But most of the time, you are not aware of any of these due to lack of data.

Similarly, you don’t know anything about your driver unless he has worked for you before, which is rare since it’s not possible to keep track of every driver if you have a big business.

What can we do to prevent it?

The Fleet Management Software allows you to check your driver’s each and every step in the Driver Journal. Here you can access and get to know the real-time events.

The tracking and monitoring solutions allow you to determine which of your drivers are and aren’t operating at the standard you expect. it will also let you know which of your driver needs training or reward for their work.

  • Vehicle’s condition and safety

On the roads, one of the most important factors that will ensure your business’ prosperity is the safety of your vehicle. Irregular wears and tears can be caused due to various factors.

Most common reasons include driver not given sufficient time, heavy loads or unnecessary acceleration can cause the damage.

Worst case scenarios include you losing your vehicle in the cases of theft or accident.

What can we do to prevent it?

The Fleet Management Systems allow you to determine precisely what causes excessive wear and tear and then suggests solutions about what you need to do about it.

Similarly, in the cases of emergency or theft, the tracker allows you to track your vehicle. And if the tracker is somehow disabled, then you would at least know which driver was driving the vehicle. Also, in cases of accident, you will be immediately notified, so that you can take corrective measures to ensure the safety of your driver and vehicle.

  • Paperwork

From making sure that your customers are happy, drivers are motivated to the safety of your vehicle; there are several responsibilities that a fleet manager has to deal with. On top of that, every one of those involves multiple paper works.

To cope up with all these, most of the fleet managers have to put up over-time and are not able to do their job correctly because of the massive paperwork.

What can we do to prevent it?

With the Fleet Management Software, it allows you to have every stats and assessment in your dashboard. From data collected by the vehicle tracking system to the reports acquired after delivery, all combined gives you a whole picture and thus reducing the paper works. Therefore, letting the managers focus on more productive tasks and ultimately benefiting the business.

  • High Cost

When you create a business, your ultimate goal is to get profits. Even after you are on the benefit, the next step comes in increasing the profit margin. This can only happen when you have a detailed and calculated list of where your money is spent and where you need to save it.

From fuel, insurance to vehicle management, the list is endless, and every step of it costs a good fortune. Now how can you reduce it and make more profit?

What can we do to prevent it?

The Fleet Management System allows you to track and set routes which will help you save fuel and work more efficiently. A better driver behaviour will help you reduce the insurance cost. These and a lot more will happen when you invest in technology.

The Fleet Management software will make you aware of where you’re spending your money and where you can save it. The more profit you make, the happier you are along with your drivers and customers.

Since Business is also about reputation, happy customers bring more customers which… yes! More profit.

Now that we are aware of the problems and preventions. Let’s think of the best option available to you.

LocoNav Fleet Solution

In 2015, a Fleet Management Service was started which is now India’s top service provider in the domain. They are called ‘LocoNav Fleet Solutions’.

From their top-notch technology to their widespread connectivity, they promise to not only deliver your product but also ensure to preserve its quality.

Why LocoNav?

That’s exactly why you need the LocoNav Fleet Solutions. India’s No. 1 Fleet Management System. They can help you keep track of your vehicle even in the remote areas and farthest roads. Using their intelligent analytics and IoT, the startup promises lower running costs of vehicles, greater security, and faster turnarounds. They also provide Route Optimisation features which set the best routes for your drivers and enjoy lower fuel costs and higher efficiency.

This would help you to not only counter the above problems but with their advancing technology, turn your business into a giant.

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