Five Ways To Secure Your Fleet Against Theft

A stolen fleet can cause a lot more damage to your business in comparison to a mere loss of money. Apart from the obvious loss because of a vehicle getting stolen, your business might suffer deterioration as well due to loss of operational hours, prolonged delays in the pipelines and obstructions in the other tasks that might be dependent on that vehicle fleet. To say it all, a fleet lost to theft can prove as the worst nightmare for the fleet owner.

The fleet owner might also just spend a lot of time claiming insurance and dealing with other paperwork required in the process. The precious time spent in this work can cause revenue loss in a business as time is a valuable resource. You cannot obviously stop a thief, however, you can definitely secure your fleet against the theft. Here are some of the ways that can help you in safeguarding your fleet vehicle against theft:

Fleet Alarms

Fleet owners can opt for certain kinds of alarms to avoid vehicle theft. To safeguard your vehicles, LocoNav offers fleet alarms for Area Entrance and Exit, Panic Button, Open Door, Vehicle Usage Out of Permitted Period. All of these alarms can help you act quickly, thus you can get the right kind of alarm for your fleet. They also ensure your drivers’ safety and hence your business can easily avoid suffering from a lot of unnecessary costs by making use of fleet alarms.

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Panic Button Alert

Panic buttons can be pressed by the drivers in case of an emergency after which an alarm is triggered, indicating that there’s some sort of danger. Panic buttons are especially beneficial as in case of urgency or while facing any threat, a driver might be unable to use his mobile phone to ask for help. However, he can easily press the panic button that would notify the concerned person about the emergency.

Remote Vehicle Immobilization

Immobilizer enables a fleet owner to block the stolen vehicle fleet directly from the mobile phone through a specific app or the web interface. The remote vehicle immobilization technology can increase the probability of recovering the stolen vehicle before a thief damages it. Very low insurance rates are usually applicable to install an immobilizer in the fleets.

Vehicle Access Control System

The vehicle access control system safeguards your vehicle’s cargo and sends alerts. For instance, if a door opens outside permitted locations, then the same is notified so that the concerned person can react accordingly and any trouble can be avoided including theft. Many people make use of vehicle access control systems to authenticate that their fleet’s door opens only either at their warehouse or at the customers’ delivery address.

Fuel Management

You also need to secure your vehicle against fuel theft which is a very common incident. You might find yourself in a situation where you do not have an answer to why the fuel consumption of your fleet varies so much. Well, one of the reasons could be fuel theft. You must opt for solutions that send alerts in case the fuel level of the vehicle goes down suddenly and drastically so that you can contact the driver immediately or act accordingly.

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