Motor vehicle tax waived for CV owners in Karnataka

Karnataka government on Tuesday announced its decision to waive off motor vehicle tax for a time period of two months for commercial vehicles, for ferrying passengers and goods, from March 24 to May 23.

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As per a statement by Laxman Savadi, Deputy Chief Minister and Transport Minister, “The government is offering tax waiver as a special case since most passenger vehicles were off the road for two months.”. This tax waiver is not applicable for commercial vehicles that have been registered during the time frame between March 24 to May 23.

To help ease out movement of goods and people during the lockdown, the state announced that vehicles being used for transportation of stranded population to Karnataka from other states would not require permits, and would be exempted from paying motor vehicle tax.

The tax exemption would be in force till June 30, along with a delay in the due date for two-way tax that is to be paid by goods vehicles registered in other states with no penalty till June 1.

Transporters, however, feel that the move by the state is not enough. Sunil Sharma, Vice President, Bus Owners Confederation of India, said, “We welcome the move, but tax exemption for just two months wonโ€™t be enough for us to overcome loss.”

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