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End-To-End Security
End-To-End Security

Maintain a safe travelling experience for students

Keep an eye on vehicle movement, location, and schedules at all times. Utilise live location tracking and geofences to monitor pickups and drop offs, and ensure your bus fleet is at the right place, at the right time.
Protect students, staff, and school buses against mishaps on the road. Access live and recorded on-road and in-cab events, and take proactive action with live movement, incident, and SOS alerts in case of emergencies.
Identify unsafe driving behaviour and unauthorised access to maintain overall security. Get real-time alerts on overspeeding, harsh driving, and route deviation instantly. Coach drivers on safer driving practices with performance scorecards.
Optimise Fleet Operations

Manage vehicles and costs, all at once.

Improve school bus fleet performance with preventive maintenance features. Establish regular vehicle maintenance schedules to prolong its life, and monitor fuel consumption to prevent pilferage with instant alerts and analytics.
Ensure that your school bus fleet adheres to pickup and drop-off schedules at all times. Optimise trip management with trip scheduling, and monitor the progress of each trip as it happens.
Steer clear of unnecessary paperwork and keep driver, vehicle, and regulatory documents digitised. Have ready access to driving permits, vehicle health certifications, driver IDs, and other important documentation.
Optimise Fleet Operations
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Full Stack Solution Suite For Your School Bus Fleet

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