ICICI FASTag: Online Recharge & Application Process, Charges & Benefits of Purchasing an ICICI Bank FASTag

FASTag is an easy-to-use and reloadable tag that allows for an automatic deduction of toll charges. It enables a person to move through the toll plaza without standing in a long queue waiting for the cash transaction. The Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways has made it mandatory for all motor vehicles to be appended with FASTag. ICICI Bank is one of the 22 banks that provide FASTags. Learn more about the ICICI FASTag, its application process and benefits of purchasing an ICICI Bank FASTag.

ICICI Bank FASTag & How does It Work?

A small rectangular tag with 10×5 cm dimensions, ICICI Bank FASTag enables an electronic and automated deduction of charges at toll plazas. The ICICI FASTag device consists of a chip and antenna inside its layers and is created using high-grade paper. This tag makes use of Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology for its functioning. The ICICI Bank FASTag is linked straight to the user’s prepaid account and the toll charges are deducted from this account automatically.

With an active ICICI FASTag, a user need not stop at the toll plazas. Once the tag is activated, it is affixed with the windscreen of the vehicle. Thus, when you pass through the assigned FASTag lanes at the toll plaza, the tag readers in the lane read your ICICI Bank FASTag and then deduct the relevant toll charge.

The ICICI FASTag device can be used at various toll stations that have a FASTag lane. The tag can be recharged as per the requirement of a person using an ICICI Credit Card or Debit Card, NEFT, UPI and Net Banking. ICICI bank also gives the user access to a FASTag customer portal where they can access their account anywhere and anytime.

How to Purchase FASTag from ICICI Bank?

Both customers, as well as non-customers of ICICI Bank, can purchase the ICICI FASTag in a hassle-free way. A person can either apply for a FASTag online using ICICI Bank website or visit their branch and fill in a form for obtaining a FASTag.

The process to apply for FASTag through ICICI Bank Portal online

Here are the steps you can follow if you want to apply online using the ICICI Bank Portal:

Step 1: Go to the website, www.icicibank.com/fastag
Step 2: Click on “Apply Now” displayed on the home page
Step 3: Enter your details and fill the application form
Step 4: Upload the required documents
Step 5: Add the address details as well as vehicle details in the next page
Step 6: Select “Confirm Application”
Step 7: On successful application, the tag is sent to the applicant’s address

The process to buy FASTag from PoS

Besides applying online, another alternative for applying for FASTag is by visiting the nearest Point of Sales (PoS) location. These PoS counters are located either at the toll plaza or the ICICI Bank branches. You are supposed to carry both an original and self-attested copy of your KYC document, as well as your vehicle at the POS location. ICICI Bank also has a 24*7 customer care number, 1800 210 0104 and you can avail FASTag by calling on this number.

ICICI Bank FASTag Fees & Charges

In order to obtain an ICICI Bank FASTag, joining fee, a security deposit and a threshold amount have to be paid. The joining fee is Rs.99.12, however, the other two charges vary according to the type of vehicle. The following table displays the security deposit amount and the threshold amount as per the type of vehicle:

Vehicle Class No. Type Security Deposit (in Rs.) Minimum Balance (in Rs.)
4 Car / Jeep / Van 200 200
4 TATA Ace and similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle


5 Light Commercial Vehicle / Mini Bus 300 100
6 Bus 3 Axle 500 100
6 Truck 3 Axle 500 100
7 Bus 2 Axle / Truck 2 Axle 400 100
12 Tractor / Tractor with trailer / Truck 4/ 5/ 6 Axle 500 100
15 Truck 7 Axle and above 500 100
15 Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machinery 500 100

Documents Required for ICICI FASTag Application

If you wish to apply for an ICICI Bank FASTag, you need the below-mentioned documents:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • KYC documents (Driving Licence, PAN Card or Passport)

It should be noted that the above documents should be in the name of the vehicle owner. Once the above documents are submitted and verified, a FASTag is issued.

Benefits & Features of ICICI FASTag

ICICI FASTag has a multitude of features and benefits, few of which are mentioned below:

  • Save you fuel and precious time

    FASTag allows an automatic deduction of the toll charges at the toll plaza, hence you do not need to stop your vehicle. This not only saves fuel but your precious time as well.

  • SMS alert facility after transactions

    Users will get SMS alerts after every transaction done from the ICICI tag account on their registered mobile numbers.

  • Easy online recharge

    ICICI Bank FASTag can be recharged using Debit Card/ Credit Card/ RTGS/UPI/NEFT or Net Banking

  • Cashless payment option

    There’s no need to carry cash every time while passing through the toll plaza payment is done through the account straightaway.

  • Access to the Web portal

    ICICI FASTag users are also given access to a web portal designed to check the account statement.

How to Recharge FASTag issued by ICICI Bank?

It is very easy to recharge your ICICI Bank FASTag as an array of options are available including Credit card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, UPI and ICICI iMobile App.

Recharge using ICICI iMobile App

FASTag recharge using ICICI iMobile app is the easiest way to add money in your tag. Follow these steps to recharge it:

Step 1: Log in to ICICI iMobile app
Step 2: Click on Recharge on the Dashboard
Step 3: Select the type of Recharge
Step 4: Enter Amount and select Confirm
Step 5: Choose the recharge plan
Step 6: Click on Pay to pay instantly from your bank account
Step 7: The recharge can be repeated with just one click

Recharge using ICICI Bank Internet Banking

For recharge using ICICI Bank Internet Banking, log in your account using the valid ID and password on the FASTag portal and follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on Recharge account
Step 2: Choose Pay to CUG Wallet
Step 3: Enter the Amount
Step 4: Click on Payment mode as Internet Banking
Step 5: Select Make payment

Recharge using UPI

After logging in your account using the valid ID and password on the FASTag portal, follow the below-mentioned steps for recharge using UPI:

Step 1: Click on Recharge account
Step 2: Select UPI
Step 3: Add the amount to recharge and proceed
Step 4: Enter the payer VPA in the Virtual Payment Address field
Step 5: Click on Make Payment
Step 6: A voucher will be generated, asking you to log in your UPI app
Step 7: The payer VPA is mapped and after successful payment, the payment status can be checked

How to Check ICICI FASTag Balance Online?

A person can check his/her ICICI FASTag balance online using the FASTag Portal. After successful logging on the portal, a user needs to click on the “View Balance” option after which all the details are displayed on the page. Besides this, ICICI FASTag can also be checked using the iMobile App. Once logged in, the exact balance amount in the wallet can be easily checked.

What is ICICI Bank Pockets Application & Its Benefits for ICICI FASTag Customers?

ICICI FASTag Account is easily accessible through ICICI Bank Pockets application. The Pocket application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. For a better experience, the user should access the Pockets application with the same number which is registered with the FASTag account. Once logged in, users can access their FASTag account using the Pockets Application. There are quite a few benefits for ICICI FASTag customers when it comes to Pockets Application such as customers can view vehicle wise and common user group (CUG) balances, check transactions, recharge CUG and tag balance from Pockets app balance.

ICICI FASTag Customer Care & Helpline Details

In case you wish to know more about the ICICI FASTag, you can call their customer care number, 1800 2100 104 (Toll-Free Number) or 1860 2670 104 (Chargeable Number).

Frequently Asked Questions

You can know the status of your FASTag application either by contacting the bank through customer care number or by visiting their official website. The iMobile app also enables you to track the status of your application.
After every transaction, an SMS is sent to the user on their registered mobile number. Alternatively, ICICI FASTag statements can be obtained by logging in to the ICICI Bank FASTag Porta using the valid ID and password.

Yes, you can buy ICICI Bank FASTag from POS. These PoS counters are located either at the toll plaza or the ICICI Bank branches.

The ICICI Bank FASTag is delivered within seven working days at the customer’s registered address.
If your FASTag is not delivered, then you must contact the customer service to know the status of your FASTag.
ICICI FASTag customer ID is usually a 12 digit numeric number using which a person can log in into his/her account. The ID is generated after successful registration for a FASTag account by filling in the required details.
In case a person tries to pass the toll plaza with insufficient balance, the FASTag is blacklisted. The tag can be reactivated by recharging the wallet. You can also reach out to ICICI Bank customer service for further assistance.
There’s a 2.5% of cashback applicable on ICICI Bank FASTag after every transaction on National Highways.
The activation process is very easy and simple. You have to enter your vehicle details in your FASTag account after which it is activated automatically. You can also visit the nearest POS branch to get it activated.
ICICI FASTag can be managed easily using either an iMobile app or the Pockets application. Both of them can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
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