Increasing Fuel Efficiency

Do you always wonder as to how to increase the driver’s safety, productivity, and fuel efficiency at the same time? Well if yes, then read on below to get an idea.

fuel efficiency

What is fuel efficiency?

With time, petrol and diesel prices have been steadfastly going high up. In order to tackle these rising costs, it is important that your vehicle gets the best possible mileage and utilises the tank full of fuel to the best of its ability. When a vehicle takes up more kilometers on the back of each litre of fuel, that is what constitutes as fuel efficiency. Other factors like driving style, vehicle weight, engine size, etc., also play a huge role when it comes to making your vehicle more fuel efficient. However, every vehicle has the potential to be optimally fuel efficient by following certain strategies and ideas.

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How to calculate fuel efficiency?

Fleet fuel efficiency is calculated based on a number of fuel consumption, emissions, moving parts, including productivity, routes, costs and driver safety.

improving fleet efficiency

Lucky for businesses, telematics can support them in this task. Using telematics via the Loconav’s device, fleet managers can track their vehicles while monitoring data on driving safety, route optimization, fuel efficiency, and vehicle maintenance in real-time. Read more on fleet optimization here.

Three fresh approaches to fleet fuel efficiency:

1) Starting with the driver– Many fleet owners/managers often ignore this but a more conscientious, safe driver improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

driver safety in fleet management

Loconav’s telematics helps to find useful data about the driver’s insights. This data could be useful to both fleet drivers and fleet managers. Loconav’s technology allows you to get timely alerts on over speeding, rach driving, etc.

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Fleet managers can inform their drivers about the best driving practices, that will ultimately improve the fuel efficiency, fewer incidents of rash driving, etc.

2) Let technology do the work– Loconav puts technology in the driver’s seat when it comes to fleet management.

fleet management technology

Once a speed or driving rule is set up in the software by the fleet manager, for example, speeding, excessive idling, etc. an alert will be displayed if the driver breaks the rule.

3) Tap into aggregate data– Going a step forward, fleets can use benchmarking to gain insight which can help to drive decisions leading to tangible results, like revenue generation or cost savings. It also helps businesses find places to improve that they wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

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route insights in fleet management

Areas of Idling pinpoints the locations where vehicles are idling the most. Idling burns unnecessary fuel, which increases fuel costs, and can also cause wear and tear on the vehicle. Taking steps to manage and reduce idling can cut costs and help increase fleet efficiency.

The bottom line is that transportation is changing, and it requires new innovative ways of thinking. Today, businesses are increasingly making use of data to automate and improve.

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Monitor Daily Consumption & Prevent Fuel Theft.

LocoNav Fuel Monitoring Systems operate remotely, with reports detailing refuelling, drainage, and pilferage. System generated reports provide per-vehicle fuel use along with warnings about fuel loss and refuelling.

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