How This MaaS Provider Enhanced Employee Movement Visibility With LocoNav


One of India’s leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers has been associated with LocoNav to facilitate employee transportation. The company has been in operation for more than a decade, with a sole focus on providing employee commute solutions to a myriad of marquee corporates. With clients belonging to various industries in India and abroad, the organization has been leveraging technology to provide customized corporate transportation services.

The Challenge

Since the enterprise is involved in ferrying employees belonging to different institutions, it is imperative that the safety of the passengers is prioritized, and at the same time, the operational efficiency of the company is optimized. On a macro level, their business operations constitute of picking up and dropping off employees. However, on closer inspection, the business runs on highly intricate details and had a lot of scope for optimization.

One of the major problems that were encountered by the company was a lack of visibility in the exact nature of movement of employees. Since their clientele was entrusting them with the security of the travel of their employees during working hours, they had to acquire a reliable solution to monitor every movement.

Along with that, the establishment was keen on maximizing the scope of vehicle utilization. The company caters to hundreds of employees in a day, and taking into account the strength, they wanted to ensure that the vehicles that they deploy on the road operate in an efficient manner. Their analysis revealed a higher TAT (Turnaround Time) between pick up and drop off locations, pointing towards unwarranted stoppages during the commute. This heightened the fear of diminishing employee security while on the move, thus compounding the issue of lack of visibility.

The company partnered with LocoNav to carry out initiatives to provide quality on ground support service, intensify visibility during commuting hours, and enhance fleet utility throughout the organization, all the while working towards improving employee security during transportation.

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The Solution

LocoNav offered a systematic solution, with the aid of our tracking platform, wherein the firm was able to have a holistic view over their entire fleet. We devised a comprehensive plan by extending the following mitigation strategies.

Stoppage Alerts

To keep unauthorized and unwanted stoppages in check, LocoNav curated a dashboard for the organization from which they were able to keep tabs on the current position of all their vehicles that were on the move.

Through the means of this dashboard, the organization was able to define a buffer time period. Beyond this pre-defined threshold, if a vehicle remained motionless, an instant notification was sent to the fleet managers. With the aid of the stoppage alerts, the corporation was able to identify and take appropriate action against unsanctioned stoppages. Apart from that, since their deployed vehicles could no longer idle time away due to these halts, the company saw a decline in its TAT at pick up and drop off locations, resulting in receding costs for them and their clients.

SOS Functionality

The firm was able to deploy LocoNav’s tracking solutions within their fleet, that came embedded with an SOS or a Panic Button. This inculcated a greater sense of security within the corporates utilizing our client’s transportation services. Moreover, to further strengthen employee security, the company was able to be privy to Device Unplugged alerts as well, wherein they were notified immediately in case the tracking device in any of the vehicles was being tampered with, or was unplugged without authorization.

The organization was also able to make the most of LocoNav’s fast on ground support, due to which they experienced a decline in the overall downtime of the GPS devices. As a consequence, the fleet managers reported a reduction in the expenses associated with it.

With controlled costs, better connectivity and increased visibility over their fleet, our client was able to deploy their vehicles for transportation in a more systematic and streamlined manner, and were able to endorse optimum passenger security and complete transparency.

Effect on Business


LocoNav offers your business solutions for Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Monitoring and Telematics, along with FASTag. LocoNav helps you in optimising your operations and business while you focus on the growth of your enterprise!

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