Tamil Nadu Trailers Association announce strike on July 22

The Tamil Nadu Trailers Association and Lorry Owners Association have announced a one-day strike on July 22 to protest against the road tax on commercial vehicles. According to N Manoharan, President, Tamil Nadu Trailers Association, the increase in diesel prices, along with road tax being charged for the lockdown period is why the members of the association decided to protest.

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The association had staged a demonstration outside the Regional Transport Office in Chennai on July 14. This had been done to compel the authorities to waive off road tax during the nationwide lockdown period for commercial vehicles. During this time, the association had also said that failure in meeting of their demands would lead to a strike.

“Lockdown was for all, the driver, cleaner and common men. When vehicles are not running on the road during the lockdown period, how can we pay road tax?” V Monoharan, member of the Tamil Nadu Trailers Association asked.

He further added, “Also, the fuel price is rising day by day. Today the price of diesel is Rs 81 per litre, how can we survive now?”

In response to the plea submitted by the Tamil Nadu Lorry Owner’s Federation earlier to the Madras High Court, demanding road tax relief for the lockdown period, the Tamil Nadu government had responded by saying the road tax exemption cannot be considered, since the state will incur a loss of Rs. 1,724.43 crore if the tax is waived off.

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