How LocoDrive Helped a Major Freight Transport Business Optimise its Fleet Performance


Any business in the logistics sphere has had its share of conventional trucking challenges. One of our esteemed clients, a major freight transport business, was no exception to the rule. With decades of experience as a logistics service provider, our client maintains a persistent run of its operations between the expansive routes of Delhi, UP, Gujarat and Bihar. The business has developed an intensive network of close to 200 trucks in its fleet over time.

The key pressure point for the client was an underwhelming performance of its fleet operations at large. With the AI-powered solutions offered by LocoDrive, the business was able to achieve tremendous success in optimising its fleet performance and operation.

LocoDrive – The Driving Force 

The LocoDrive platform stands on three key offerings: Fleet Management, Driver Management and Operations Management. Leveraging these solutions for their business, we were able to identify and work on the following focus areas for the client.

Vehicle Utilisation

Part of the LocoDrive mission was optimisation of vehicle utilisation for the company. A quick study of previous fleet performance reports revealed that the company was troubled with unprecedented and unaccounted for delays, leading to a sharp decline in its average running time.

In order to proactively prevent delays, a system of enhanced accountability, communication and visibility was set in place. This led to more stringent follow ups with drivers on the road, identification of laggard performers and more streamlined operations throughout. As a consequence, the company witnessed an increase in running Kms by 29% within the first 30 days of our association.

The prevalence of difficulties in communication and coordination presented before the business on a select route that was perennially problematic. However, the client was able to record an astounding growth of 62% in the running Kms M-o-M, simply by addressing coordination issues and miscommunication with the help of LocoDrive’s asset utilisation solutions.

The company was also deeply concerned about one of the most important performance indicators in any logistics business, i.e., the turnaround time (TAT). Before LocoDrive came into the picture, our client was logging in a significantly increased TAT due to underutilisation of its fleet, along with a faltering ratio of trips made per vehicle. With LocoDrive’s fleet and trip management strategies, a considerable improvement was seen in vehicle utility, with a smart vehicle-to-route allocation plan in place. This proved to be a true testament to LocoDrive’s value addition to the organisation, especially by cutting down on time taken from loading to unloading depot.

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Operational Costs

To manage its overall logistics operations, the logistics provider was looking to achieve and accumulate permanent solutions rather than hasty stopgaps. LocoDrive helped implement key operational improvements that resulted in cutbacks in expenses and unnecessary overheads for the company.

With such a large fleet of trucks to take care of, many vehicles were behind on their scheduled maintenance. Because of overlooked vehicle health, frequent vehicle breakdowns were being reported from across various routes. As a result, a decline was observed in the operational efficiency, as well as heightened maintenance costs. This also contributed to the increase in the fleet’s overall TAT.

The task at hand was to determine reasons behind the frequent breakdowns and come up with concrete preventive measures. To that effect, LocoDrive employed the customised Smart Alert feature, with which operator performance lags were identified, leading to vehicles getting back on the road quicker for continued trade operations. The result of this implementation was quick; the company reported a 39% dip in vehicle breakdowns in the quarter that followed.

With these operational improvements coming into play, a butterfly effect followed: As vehicles in the fleet underwent timely repairs and regular maintenance, less breakdowns were reported, fleet performance boosted, and fuel consumption became more efficient. With this, the company logged in a 17% reduction in its fuel costs per kilometer.

Driver Performance

Inconsistent driver management was another bottleneck in the company’s fleet operations. The client was looking to improve the efficacy of performance of the drivers on its roster. With LocoDrive, the company was able to achieve an enhanced level of visibility over the movement of its trucks and driver availability status. A more transparent and accountable system of driver allocation and monitoring was established.

Using LocoDrive’s proprietary algorithm, a driver scorecard was curated for the client with various performance metrics under consideration. With this scorecard, drivers are scored and benchmarked on the basis of their overall performance. The organisation was able to see clear data points that depicted well-performing drivers, drivers that required more careful monitoring, and the ones that needed to be replaced or required additional training.

After incorporating LocoDrive’s full stack fleet management solution, the business recorded an overall increase in its productivity and fleet performance.

Impact on Business

LocoNav offers your business solutions for Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Monitoring and Telematics, along with FASTag. LocoNav helps you in optimising your operations and business while you focus on the growth of your enterprise!

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