Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins With GPS E-Locks

Transportation and logistics have surely brought the world closer. The ability to ship anything from one part of the world to the other has shaped a whole new era in consumerism. While shipping has evolved, so has the need for correlated security measures. 

When it comes to security systems, a lot has changed throughout the years. Lock and key systems have evolved a great deal since their inception, from James Sargeant‘s first smart locks in the 1800s to today’s contemporary facial recognition systems. This way in between has been a slew of authentication techniques, ranging from passwords to RFID tags and everything in between.

One such modern fleet security technology is GPS E-Locks. In this blog, we will discuss how they trumped traditional locks, how they work, and their most notable features.

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How Did GPS E-Locks Replace Traditional Locks?

Most traditional locks can be picked by anyone with the capacity to look online and a little know-how. In addition to picking locks, persons attempting to break in frequently utilise violent methods to get past a lock. This is possible with the correct tools or by simply knocking on the door. Traditional locks can be made quite secure, but they may not be as reliable as GPS E-Locks

GPS E-Locks are an electronic version of a regular lock that includes tracking features. The locking mechanism may be the same, yet it can be engaged remotely and electrically. GPS E-Locks provide convenience and can be locked from anywhere if you forget to lock up. They also allow you to pinpoint the exact location, should your lock be stolen too.

Salient Features of GPS E-Locks

Let’s take a closer look at the basic features of GPS E-Locks that make them a top-tier fleet security product.

  1. Real-Time Location Tracking:

Manufacturers and logistics firms can simply track their loaded vehicles in transportation by determining the vehicle’s speed, current location, E.T.A., and last milestone crossed. When there is a delay, prolonged idling, route deviations, certain unneeded stoppages, and so on, these real-time tracking functions prove to be extremely useful.

  1. Secure Locking/Unlocking:

GPS E-Locks also function as a very clever key for confirming the user’s identity and the location of the locking/unlocking action. This will also send notifications/alarms in the event of a string cut or tampering occurrence. 

This clearly answers the questions of where, who, and why the lock is being opened. These keyless locks keep a record of everyone who has used the lock, along with time stamps and exact positions.

  1. Geofencing:

GPS E-locks successfully record the path taken by the concerned vehicle as well as its origin and destination locations. The designated locations can be geofenced, and thus notifications can be sent when a vehicle enters or exits the marked geofences.

Benefits Of GPS E-Locks in Logistics and Transportation 

GPS E-Locks are of great importance in every industry that is looking to safeguard its assets However, it is especially beneficial in the Logistics and Transportation industry. Let’s see how.

  • Improving Cargo Safety: The assets involved in this industry are always on the move. Using GPS E-Locks can help you keep a tab on your vehicle’s location at all times. This, by extension, also guarantees the safety of the precious cargo you are entrusted with.
  • Reducing Unauthorized Usage: In the case of traditional locks, the key may be stolen from your driver and misused. However, in the case of GPS E-Locks, most times, your driver himself may not be wary of the unlocking code. This greatly reduces the chance of your cargo hold being accessed by an unauthorized user.
  • Emergency Services: Since these locks are designed to alert the fleet owner or manager in case of tampering, they can be used as an SOS alert by your drivers. This will allow you to effectively mobilise emergency services towards them.


Can a GPS E-lock be easily deactivated?

No. Your GPS E-Lock is nearly tamper-proof. However, if meddled with, it alerts the owner of possible theft or unauthorized access.

Will I be informed if the device malfunctions?

Yes, the GPS E-Lock is a smart device and will alert you via a notification in case your device malfunctions.

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