Multinational Logistics Service Reports 25% Improvement in Visibility with LocoNav


One of India’s largest logistics company with an expansive delivery network in India and abroad has been associated with LocoNav to look after their fleet management services. The company has been a prime player in last mile delivery for almost three decades, and has a prominent presence in more than 10,000 cities across the globe. The organization has been leveraging LocoNav’s services to have a comprehensive view over its last-mile delivery network all over the country.

The Challenge

Since the corporation has a high volume of shipment, approximately 12 million shipment units, to manage and deliver, the key area to take care of is ensuring timely dispatch of cargo. Along with that, the Operations Managers for the organization are also tasked with route monitoring, i.e., keeping tabs on the daily kilometers travelled by the cargo carrying vehicles to corroborate with the expected kilometers to be covered.

In terms of fleet monitoring and management, the company was facing two major problems in parallel. Firstly, there were significant gaps in visibility that were brought to the attention of the Operations Managers. Since there was no proper time sheets being maintained, the shipment units often got delayed while moving from the warehouse to the depot, or from one depot to the other. Frequent delays in the vehicle’s travel time led to a significant fall in the on-ground performance of the company.

The other issue troubling the company was heightened operational costs of the delivery vehicles. The organization uses an outsourced vendor to assist with providing vehicles for delivery. Before partnering with LocoNav, the establishment had no proper avenue of surveillance over the vehicles, and had to rely on the data provided by the vendor. As it happened, the company was paying a significantly higher amount for the total distance being travelled by the vehicles than what they had originally expected. The ramifications of this was such that the organization ended up bleeding through its budget considerably.

The logistics giant associated with LocoNav to help mitigate these problems by enhancing visibility over the vehicles designated for delivery, in addition to abridging the Turnaround Time (TAT) while clamping down on unnecessary delays.

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The Solution

By means of our fleet management services, we were able to provide a tailored solution to this multinational corporation. Through our array of services, we curated a customized reporting system for the company to keep a digital timesheet for entry and exit times, along with reducing operational costs.


To ensure that there is a sizeable reduction in the Turnaround Time, LocoNav created a virtual perimeter around the geographical locations of interest for the organization, known as a Geofence. Multiple geofences were created for different warehouses and depots, as replayed by the company. Hence, whenever a vehicle, equipped with LocoNav’s vehicle tracking device, enters or exits the predefined geofence, an alert notifying the activity is sent to the administrator.

In this way, the company was able to keep a detailed account of the movement of the vehicles carrying the shipment, and were also able to pull up reports consisting of present and past movement with the distance travelled (in kms) by the respective vehicles. With this tailor-made solution, the organization was able to track down the delays and take appropriate actions against the same.

Customized Reporting

By means of the Movement Report that has been made available to the company on their tracking dashboard, it became easy for them to cross check the actual distance travelled by the vehicle originally between the source and destination against the Odometer reading of the distance travelled, as claimed by the vehicle service provider. This scaled down the operational costs for the business, since they were able to shave off the extra distance claimed by the drivers from the payment that was actually due.

Moreover, the customized reporting ensured that instead of individually checking entry and exit data and daily kilometers travelled for each vehicle, the fleet managers of the establishment obtained a consolidated report with the entire data in a single place, thus reducing tracking time.

With a more data intensive approach, the delivery service provider ensured that delays in consignment delivery were as limited as possible. They have since then been able to work on an optimized delivery network with reduced costs.

Impact on Business


LocoNav offers your business solutions for Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Monitoring and Telematics, along with FASTag. LocoNav helps you in optimising your operations and business while you focus on the growth of your enterprise!

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