Using Video Telematics To Improve Driving Behavior

Choosing telematics solutions for fleet management has continued to prove its importance. With the rapid evolution of the fleet and logistics industry, telematics solutions now have become indispensable for achieving success. As the term suggests, it is the combination of two empowering words – telecommunication and informatics. Combining the performance of your fleet assets with telematics solutions helps you in getting data-driven insights. You can measure the performance of your vehicle and the drivers in your fleet. 

Telematics solutions have proved that their impact is far-reaching. The global telematics industry is indeed expected to reach the $63,981.5 million mark by the year 2030. In this manner, the growth of the telematics market is expected to rise by 14.3% CAGR between 2021- 2030. This is why the adoption of telematics solutions for various needs of a fleet is growing rapidly. 

The vehicle telematics solution has proven to be a major driving factor in giving businesses a much-needed edge. More importantly, they play a vital role in increasing driver safety. The vehicle telematics solutions bring you a range of exciting safety features, completely at your disposal. These features give you access to video footage of the movement of your vehicle. This allows fleet managers to better assess the performance of their drivers and to handle the needs of their drivers in a better manner with the help of the video footage evidence. The following sections discuss what vehicle telematics is and why its use is essential in catching up with the modern-day requirements of a fleet business. 

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What is video telematics? 

Video telematics is a fleet management solution that integrates the usage of video cameras. They work in a similar manner as the traditional GPS tracking systems, which capture the real-time data of a vehicle’s movement. The added advantage of using video telematics is that you also have access to the camera footage of the vehicle’s movement. Video telematics allows you to have access to both the video data as well as the system-generated data. 

How do vehicle telematics benefit driving behavior?

The solutions of video telematics allow you to have access to both real-time as well as historical data. The information about the movement of your vehicles in a fleet can benefit in improving your decision-making abilities. As a fleet manager, you can use this device to have evidence regarding incidents like accidents and collisions. Moreover, with video telematics devices, fleet managers can have insights into the driving behavior of any driver. The video telematics solution hence simply fills the gap of providing video evidence to incidents. This way, drivers are motivated with the need for indulging insecure practices of driving. Apart from this, as a fleet manager, you can also have a view of the sets of challenges faced by your drivers during a trip. 

The other valuable part of the video telematics device is that they provide instant alerts. The systems of video telematics devices record the real-time movements of any vehicle. Hence for any type of vehicle incident, you get an instant update on your dashboard. In this manner, a fleet manager can have recorded data on any driver’s driving patterns and behavior. As a fleet manager, it becomes possible to have figures on the incidents made by a driver on a trip. The recorded incidents can tell for the number of times any vehicle harshly accelerated or braked, the number of times any driver has hash cornered or was involved in tailgating, the number of times the driver got distracted, brokeN traffic rules, and others. 

How does vehicle telematics ensure driver’s safety? 

  1. The automated systems of video telematics solutions help to effectively monitor any driver’s performance. As a fleet manager, you can have access to video snippets of various incidents that have taken place during a trip. The advantage of these snippets is that they provide exact detail on how an incident took place on the spot. These footage are of high-quality resolution and are recorded automatically by the device.
  2. The systems of video telematics solutions are advanced enough to get triggered about the occurrence of any incident. Based on this, the information about any incident is provided to the fleet manager on their dashboard. Fleet managers on the user end can access this video footage for every incident. For this, they don’t even need to fret about replaying the entire footage between any particular period of time. Your telematics device can present to you just the video footage for any recorded incident. As a fleet manager, you can replay the footage for as much as required time. The recorded footage of incidents is there for you to stay. You can dig up the footage from the database as and when you want. 
  3. Apart from this, the video telematics solutions’ functionality helps you map out the real-time location of your vehicle. In addition to this, you can also lookup for live video footage of the telematics device installed in your vehicles. This way, you can keep track of the movement of your vehicle as and when they are moving. The talking point about video footage is that you can view both driver and the vehicle at the same time. This helps you in having both an interior and exterior view of the vehicle during the time of the incident. On the basis of this, fleet managers can evidence the incident and have an understanding of them. 
  4. These footages are also of much importance when it comes to winning claims on insurance. Furthermore, in cases involving legislation, this footage can prove the innocence of the drivers. This way, the video evidence can be a real savior at times by providing an eyewitness account for any incident. 
  5. The collected data about any vehicle with the help of telematics devices gives insights into maintenance reports. With this, the fleet managers can take needed actions on the need for repairs and maintenance. Fleet managers, in this way, can combat the risks of breakdowns of the vehicle during any trip. This is vital in ensuring the safety of any vehicle and the driver. 
  6. As discussed, the video telematics device can give instant alerts and updates about any incident. Hence in cases involving major damage, the fleet managers can take an instant action in handling the situation. This ensures the safety of the vehicle drivers when emergency response is the need of the hour. 
  7.  The automated systems of the video telematics solutions provide automated reports on the idling driver behavior. This can help in bringing to light the need for improvement in the driving behavior of any driver to become an ideal driver. Fleet managers can also prepare driver scorecards with the help of accumulated data. This helps the fleet managers to sharpen their skills in identifying the need for providing training to drivers. 


Video telematics technology is the latest revolution in the telematics industry. The video telematics solution has given pace to the need for innovation in the transportation industry. They are of immense help with the prospects of ensuring the safety of the drivers in the fleet. The video telematics solution brings in guaranteed results with the demand for improving the driver’s performance in any fleet business. 

More importantly, it has become indeed necessary for fleet managers to cope up with the rapidly evolving nature of the transportation industry worldwide. Video telematics solutions help in fostering the cause of safety and security of both your vehicle and driver. They help to bring transparency and visibility into the movement of your vehicle. This way, the fleet managers have the scope for causing improvement in their fleet decisively. 

The age of compliance has brought yet another reason for fleet managers to start adopting video telematics solutions with a sense of urgency. In countries like South Africa, it has been observed that the landscape of the transportation industry is entirely different from the other countries. The fleet size of vehicles here is typically more than ten vehicles. Keeping track of the vehicle’s movement and performance is hence of utmost importance in such scenarios. Additionally, the compliance requirements here are much stringent and are aligned with the cause of maintaining driver’s safety. It is mandatory for fleet managers in South Africa to carry pre-inspection of vehicles, ensure that vehicles are in roadworthy condition, and maintain that drivers are fit and well trained. 

Hence in situations like such, nothing can beat the urgency of choosing the best video telematics device. Making effective use of video telematics solutions in such a business environment helps you to have the upper hand in situations. Moreover, this way, you can improve your driver’s performance and ensure improvement in vehicle and fleet performance. 

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