What is the Use of a Speed Limiter in GPS Tracking Devices?

Employee monitoring is a challenge for many trucking and service delivery companies. How can you know if your drivers are following safe and efficient practices? Could they be breaking traffic laws without your knowledge? A driver’s behaviour behind the wheel might have a big influence on your business.

Speeding can jeopardise the safety of your fleet and reduce fuel economy for your company. As a result, many businesses seek fleet tracking systems employed with a speed limiter to decrease employee speeding. With a dependable fleet management system, you can detect speeding drivers and immediately put a stop to it.

You may assure fleet safety and efficiency by supervising driver performance and monitoring vehicle activity. Our fleet speed tracking is extremely accurate, offering real-time tracking and enabling you to receive warnings whenever a member of your fleet exceeds a defined speed limit or the legal speed limit at their present location.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of speed control and how speed limiters are used in GPS trackers.

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Why is it Important to Control Vehicle Speed on the Road?

Most countries employ speed restrictions to inform drivers about traffic conditions, hazard frequency, and maximum speed under clear conditions. We have speed restrictions because we believe driving is dangerous. They are not only intended for maximum speed, but also for the slowest possible pace. They are essentially meant for the drivers and the safety of everyone around, but why do we really need speed limits?

  • A lower speed limit can result in more uniform speeds and less dangerous midblock acceleration while adding little to overall route times.
  • Lower speed limits prevent road fatalities and serious injuries. Driving at fast speeds can cause tunnel vision and diminished depth awareness in the driver. Drivers have a larger range of vision at lower speeds and are more likely to detect other road users.
  • Driving at reduced speeds also allows drivers to stop in less time. The stopping distance of a vehicle is the sum of the distance travelled during the driver’s reaction time and the distance travelled after the brakes are applied.
  • Even if a crash occurs at lower speeds, the repercussions will be less severe, particularly if it involves a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcyclist.

How Does a Speed Limiter Help With It? 

A speed limiter system, also known as an Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA), detects the maximum speed restriction in a given location by utilising GPS data and speed sign recognizer software. ISA systems will not automatically use the brakes, but will instead limit engine power to slow you down.

You will also receive audible and visual warnings until you begin driving at or below the speed limit.  You can override the limit by pressing hard on the accelerator, but it will restore every time the vehicle is restarted.

Advantages Of Using A Speed Limiter:

  1. Reduced Fuel Consumption: 

Whether you own a commercial shipping company or a school bus fleet, one of your biggest expenses is filling the fuel tank. Reduce your fuel costs by reducing waste caused by excessive speed. GPS speed tracking systems make drivers more aware of their routines and behaviours, pushing them to use best practices to earn more kilometres per litre on every trip.

  1. Real-time Alerts: 

If you do not have a speed limiter in place, you’ll only know if your drivers have been driving too fast if they get a ticket – and you might have to wait weeks or months to find out. Our business speed monitoring system sends fast alerts when vehicles exceed a predetermined speed, allowing you to address poor driving practices right away.

  1. Reduce Your Risks and Expenses: 

Speeding is a common cause of vehicle accidents. It raises the possibility of harm to your trucks and goods. It is also more likely that an accident or death may occur. Commercial speed limiters assist in slowing down aggressive drivers, resulting in fewer dangers and moving violations.

  1. Truck Activity Reports: 

A single speeding incident is not the only evidence that an employee is driving too quickly. A GPS tracking software equipped with a speed limiter captures previous data and generates detailed reports that show speeding tendencies. Warn drivers who have a history of speeding, and make fleet-wide changes that can save you thousands each year in operating costs.


Can A Speed Limiting Device Damage My Vehicle?

No, a speed-limiting device will not damage your vehicle.

Is It Possible For Drivers To Tamper With A Speed Limiter?

Tampering with any of the engine’s mechanical elements is unlikely to override a current speed limiter. The technique is based on the direct electrical signal transfer to the vehicle’s onboard computer.

If You Use A Speed Limiter, Does That Take More Fuel?

No, on the contrary, using a speed limiter keeps your speed in check, which reduces the amount of fuel consumed.

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