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Respite for public transport drivers, Delhi govt to give each Rs. 5000

Taking the plight of drivers of public transport vehicles into account, the Delhi government has announced financial assistance for them in the form of Rs. 5,000. According to a statement by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, drivers of public transport, that are sitting idle due to restriction transportation movement in lieu of the lockdown, will get this benefit, including auto drivers, taxi drivers and e-rickshaw drivers.

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As per Kejriwal, the Delhi government is charting out a plan for how to execute this financial benefit for the drivers since bank account details for all drivers is not available.

He says that the plan will spur into action soon, and that the drivers will receive monetary aid in the next 7 to 10 days. The government said that they are working hard to ensure that residents of the city do not fall prey to starvation.

According to the Delhi CM, “The whole world and the country is affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the poor have been hit hardest because of it.”.

Additionally, the Delhi government has provided monetary relief of Rs. 5,000 to more than 35,000 construction workers present in the city.

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