Grow Your Business with a Truck GPS

Every industry needs technology to uplift it. Be it IoT in everyday devices or Artificial Intelligence which makes the devices ‘smart’, technology has always given us beneficial results.

When we talk about these benefits, the primary factor that any business looks for is cost savings. And by deploying a Truck Tracking System in your fleet, you can expect to see your business expenditures significantly go down.

Over the years, GPS or the Global Positioning System has played a very important role in improving the trucking industry. Especially in developing countries, GPS is a must. Why?


Why do we need truck GPS in the shipping industry?

According to statistics, an average fleet spends around 20-40% of its time being idle. This leads to quality resource and time get wasted.

With unautomated fleet monitoring comes a whole lot of paperwork and documentation, which is prone to human errors.

Periodic reviews are required with truck monitoring. This entails documentation reviews, performance reviews and vehicle reviews. This amounts to a whopping 51 million hours spent annually.

Now, let’s specifically focus on the trucking industry:

  • More resource consumption, which includes fuel, time, fortune as well as security
  • Larger space to maintain the trucks and cargo
  • The requirement of highly skilled drivers as well as trucking fleet manager
  • In a developing country like India, where the roads are not very polished, a truck GPS tracker is highly required
  • Asset security

So how exactly does truck GPS navigation work?

  • Boost in Efficiency

Truck GPS tracker offers features like route optimization and mapping system. These features help the driver take the most accurate routes which avoid traffic. Another innovation is the truck GPS location update which lets the manager know where the vehicle is, all in real-time.

All these features help the drivers deliver the package efficiently and on time. This, when it becomes a routine practice, propels the driver to keep achieving their targets on time since they know they will be appropriately rewarded.

  • Safety

A truck GPS tracker works hand in hand with telematics and a robust fleet management software. All of them coupled together increase the safety of both the asset as well as the driver.

Safety should be considered as a priority, as lack of this feature can invite casualties which will entail loss of not just fortune but lives too.


Following are features which ensure a safe journey for fleets:

1. Driver Behavior – The system is able to track every movement of the driver. This report will be able to assess the performance of the driver and hence tell if the driver is meeting the company standards with safe driving or needs training and counseling.

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2. Weather Updates – GPS offers weather update solutions which can predict the weather of the selected area. This forecast helps the driver to avoid areas which can have harsh weather and can plan their delivery schedules accordingly. This feature enhances the safety of the fleet and the crew on the road.

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  • Consistent Surveillance
  1. Every movement of the driver including and other factors are being measured with a truck GPS tracker. This helps in evaluating the driver, and if they are complying with safety and industry standards.
  2. This feature tracks every detail of the truck movement, from how fast the vehicle is going, acceleration rate, braking time and even the number of halts in between. The comprehensive report helps the team to analyze if the driver is fully under control and efficient.
  • Optimize Vehicle Performance

GPS System for Trucks records every diagnostic data of the vehicle, from simple aspects like fuel consumption to the complex ones like engine health. This allows the driver and manager to know the health and therefore the performance of their vehicle.

  • Scheduled Alerts for Repair

Apart from getting the truck GPS location, a truck GPS is also able to give the current status on the vehicle’s health and welfare. It also offers advanced alerts in case the vehicle is on the verge of malfunctioning. This allows the manager and driver to check up on their vehicles and fix them before any major breakdowns happen.


  • Job Satisfaction

As a lorry driver, if you had access to the following features:

  1. Being equipped with applications which can help you navigate easily even on unknown roads,
  2. Safety features which assist you in your journey,
  3. Cloud technology which eliminates the boring and laborious paperwork,
  4. Being connected with your professional team and family throughout your journey and,
  5. Accomplishing your targets and therefore enhancing customer experience

You would be more than satisfied with your job as well as with your employer. And that’s exactly what truck GPS navigation offers to the industry.

Monetary gains through Truck GPS

Any business will exist if it has a strong bottomline. If they are able to generate profit from their services, then only then we can conclude that truck monitoring has a major impact on the monetary gains of a business.

How? Let’s take a look.

  • Truck GPS helps the drivers take accurate and efficient routes. This avoids the chances of getting stuck in traffic and bad weather. Conclusion? Saving resources, money, and fuel.
  • Also, a truck GPS tracker assists the managers in communicating and managing their team in such a manner which avoids idle time, therefore saving a lot of fuel consumption.


Truck GPS tracker in India is really important if your objective is to grow your shipping business. In a developing nation like India, construction is a common sight, owing to rapid industrialization and growth. Hence, trucks are needed to transport raw materials from one place to another to fulfill the requirements.


Let’s consider the most relatable scenario we have all been through, around a decade ago. How did we share applications, music or pictures from our phones? Well, mostly through Bluetooth. Then slowly, there were sharing apps that used Wi-fi and now, we have social media apps where we can, apart from communicating, also share any to every document within a matter of seconds.

Now consider another real-life example, from 6 to 8 years ago, before the online cab services were popular. Remember how you had to hail a cab on the road to go somewhere? First, you had to bargain, then tell the location, and it was very common to end up at the wrong location since you had no way to find out if you’re traveling in the right direction if you were going to an unfamiliar area. But now? Ever since the inception of online cab services, traveling has been much easier, be it in terms of navigation, cost-effectiveness or safety.

The growth of this industry, and of many other industries utilizing transportation, can be credited to implementation of a vehicle tracking system to some extent. And this growth comes from cost saved, operations optimized and delivery process streamlined. If your business seeks amplification, a truck GPS is a must for you.

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