All You Need to Know About GPS System for Trucks

Over the years, technology has heavily transformed almost every industry around the globe. From radio to smartphones, the technological evolution has been surreal and rapid. Technology has not only increased the standard of living but has also made life easier and faster.

Think about it, remember the story about how Phileas Fogg, a wealthy English man, takes up on the challenge to travel around the world in 80 days, in the early 20th century? Now come back to the present, 2019. In a recent interview, Elon Musk has said that the SpaceX is working on developing a transportation method which will allow you to travel around the world in “Half-an-hour”. Yes, not a week, not a day, but half an hour! That’s the astonishing growth of technology.

Every sector has evolved exponentially due to the advancement in technology, but one of the most phenomenal development has been witnessed in the transportation industry. Within this industry, there is a particular sector which is the backbone of almost every other industry as they help them supply raw materials and required instruments. It is the trucking industry.


Not only are they one of the oldest but also the most reliable form of transportation. How? 70% of the secured and confidential items are transported through trucks, which is way higher than any other form of transportation.

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GPS or the Global Positioning System has played a crucial role in the development of the transportation industry. But in the case of trucking, they have been and still are the moving force behind the rapid growth of this sector.

GPS is the most essential part of a vehicle tracking system. A truck GPS can be roughly divided into 3 categories –

  • Active Truck GPS Tracker – Also known as an online tracker. These ones collect data during the operation and send real-time updates to the manager though cellular or satellite networks. Various data includes GPS location, speed, idling and sometimes a trigger event such as ignition on/off, door open/close.
  • Passive Truck GPS Tracker – These are also known as offline truck GPS. A tracker is installed before the journey and it keeps collecting data. After the journey, the tracker is removed and the data is downloaded and evaluated.
  • Combination – All the modern telematics industries prefer using the combination of the active and passive tracker. This is very useful during long journeys as the vehicle covers places with low or no network coverage. In such places, the offline tracker stores the data and when the network returns, the data is combined with the online tracker. This ultimately provides a comprehensive report of the operation.

How is truck GPS useful for trucking and shipping business?

  1. Enhanced Productivity

GPS system for trucks helps in enhancing the efficiency of the fleet during the operation through various facilities:


  • GPS system for trucks accurately pinpoints the location even in remote areas. Advanced routes and mapping system help the driver to avoid long roads and being stuck in traffic.
  • Ultimately, this reduces the time taken to reach the destination. Due to completion of the task, this will also allow the driver to add a few minutes of driving hours in his daily hours of service (HOS). This will act as a reward system for well-performing drivers.

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  1. Safeguarding

Most of GPS today works along with modern equipment and software such as the Fleet Management software and telematics solutions. These combinations help the driver avoid any kind of casualties on the road. This thus increases the safety for both the driver and the lorry. These are the facilities through which it ensures safety:

  • The truck GPS is installed with weather updates which predict and forecast the climate and also give the detailed report of the weather in the nearby areas. This allows him to avoid being stuck in bad conditions which may be dangerous for him as well as the load.all-about-truck-gps-system
  • Another advanced feature of a GPS system for trucks is the Driver Behavior which tracks every movement of the driver. This analysis keeps the driver in check and makes sure that he meets all safe driving standards. Moreover, this leads to a very conscious and careful driving experience and hence, avoiding the possibilities of rash driving.
  1. Maintenance alerts


GPS system for trucks can detect and inform the driver as well as the manager if the vehicle needs attention. This helps them to plan and schedule the routine check-ups in advance. This avoids the scenario of driving to the point where the truck is no longer functional.

  1. Saves money

Routing system updates the driver in real-time, which helps him to avoid getting stuck in traffic. This is very helpful in preventing excessive fuel consumption.

  • We’re aware that the shipments are carried out in huge numbers. Therefore, preserving even a few idle minutes can mean preventing wastage of a large amount of fuel. Apart from economising business expenses, GPS system for trucks will also help in utilising the resource properly.all-about-truck-gps-system
  • The GPS system for trucks minimizes the chances of theft, which is a manager’s or owner’s worst nightmare. As the risk of loss reduces, this, in turn, reduces the cost of insurance. Moreover, this improves road safety and hence the minimizes road accidents. This further reduces the incurred expenditures.

Benefits to Truck Owners

If one looks at the bigger picture, it is very clear why the transportation industry, especially the trucking sector needs GPS trackers. The reason being both the driver as well as the fleet owner or manager profit from its services. Certain benefits are enjoyed by the truck owners as well as their crew

For the truck owner,

  • Management is significantly improved.
  • GPS System for trucks makes it easier for the manager to navigate, locate and instruct the drivers from different places as their real-time location is visible.
  • Due to the fact that every step is live, the manager can very efficiently and conveniently manage his team in case of emergency or immediate change.
  • By integrating cloud computing, it’s possible for the manager to focus on the bigger picture rather than wasting several hours with paperwork.
  • GPS allows the manager to have great peace of mind due to the security it offers.

For the crew,

  • Knowledge of accurate location makes it easier to navigate through unknown roads and successfully deliver the package in time.
  • The telematics solution allows the driver to assess their whole performance and therefore evaluate themselves. This assists them in becoming a better driver.
  • Giving their inputs and suggestions to improve the operation is another perk to the drivers. During meetings when they are on the road, truck GPS system makes it possible for the drivers to be virtually available.

The telematics solution has endless possibilities in developing countries like India. Every day, technology advances forward. Eventually, when coupled with the existing tech, it will really be interesting to see how it shapes the transportation industry globally as well as within the nation.

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