Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Fleet Management Software?

Over the last decade, the Fleet Industry has witnessed a massive growth. Logistic experts suggest that this growth is just the beginning. The industry is further expected to face expansion worth $1.9 trillion globally.

Since the expansion is on an extensive scale, the management is supposed to grow in parallel to keep the augmentation steady and stable. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the backbone behind development in the field of fleet management. It has been and will continue to play a leading role in the progress of the commercial vehicle and transportation industry.

It is because of these predictions that many logistics companies have tried to link their management system with IoT. In fact, many companies are already halfway ahead in this transformation. The modernization of IoT will help these companies to work more efficiently and be more productive.

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In the composition of Fleet Management Solution, there are two key layers – The GPS tracker and the Fleet Management software. If one is the heart of the system, another is the brain. Most of us are well versed with the GPS system, but not many know about the benefits of GPS fleet tracking. Simple reason being, it hasn’t been around as long as others.

So if you’re a fleet manager, driver, operator, or anyone interested in the vehicle industry and want to know how to make the most of the Fleet Management Software, then this article is for you.

First, let’s understand –

What exactly is a Fleet Management Software?

In simple words, as the name suggests, FMS is a software. Fleet management uses the Fleet Management Software to have better and efficient control plus execution of tasks. This software facilitates the workers in accomplishing a series of specific tasks in the management of any to all aspects relating to a company’s fleet of vehicles.

We are aware of the fact that the world runs on data. The reason why a fleet management system plays a crucial role in the management sector is that it collects all the data, segregates it based on various types and requirements, and then processes all the information according to their importance to the fleet manager. This helps in the smooth flow of information among the workers, thus avoiding hassles of any kind.

The origin of data can be from internal sources such as Human Resources and Finance, or an external source such as territorial authorities for managing vehicle registration, gas pump processors, financial institutions, insurance databases, mapping systems, vehicle specification databases, to name a few.

The Implementation of a software system into Vehicle Management exponentially improves the management of –

Sr. No Advantages
1 Accident and risk management
2 Budget and forecasting
3 Defect reporting and audits
4 Drivers including driver license checks
5 Fuel and emissions
6 Maintenance and repair
7 Parts and inventory
8 Regulatory and legal compliance
9 Vehicles, assets, and equipment
10 Workshops and scheduling – inspections

Out of these, let’s explore the lesser known advantages that come with a Fleet Management System:

  • Driver Behaviour


It is a well known fact that the road business is tight and rather harsh. It’s not easy to navigate through these circumstances. This is why we frequently hear about severe cases of accidents which lead to loss of not only wealth, but also lives.

In order to deal with this, the Fleet management system collects a full range of data in real-time and transports it to the fleet managers. The data collection along with the combination concerning the history of the driver can be used to determine a profile which indicates his efficiency.

If the Management system finds that the behavior patterns are dangerous, the driver is sent into training facilities which help him overcome his problems and improve performance.

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  • Maintenance and Repairs


Data such as Fuel Consumption, mileage, and other real-time components are determined by the Mechanical Diagnostics. This happens through the advanced Fleet Management system which allows the operator to connect to the vehicle’s onboard computer. Thus, it gathers data for the user.

This data further helps the managers and drivers to schedule advance maintenance activities rather than wasting money after the complete breakdown of the vehicle.

  • Advanced Mapping System


The fleet management solutions increase the precision of the mapping system. Advanced routes and mapping system help the driver to avoid long roads and being stuck in traffic because of the traffic update feature.

Eventually, this reduces the time taken to reach the destination. Due to the completion of the task, this will also allow the driver to add a few minutes of driving hours in his daily hours of service (HOS). This reward system will act as a motivator for well-performing drivers.

  • Weather Updates


Due to the advanced features of Fleet Management software coupled with telematics solutions, the safety of both the driver as well as the asset increases. We discuss more about Telematics here.

The Weather Update feature helps the driver keeping a track of the climate and conditions of the area. This allows him to avoid being stuck in bad conditions which may be dangerous for him as well as the load.

  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance


One of the biggest and perhaps the most common concern of a manager and owner is the safety of their assets. And whether their vehicles will return safely or not. But fleet management solutions’ elevation with IoT and AI has made the risk of loss quite negligible.

What’s more impressive is that this improves the safety drastically, and hence, minimizes the chances of road accidents. Ultimately, this also reduces the cost of insurance.

While there are many more advantages of GPS fleet tracking in managing the fleet, these are the major ones that are often lesser known and thus, are not optimally used. And it these features that are enabling the propagation of fleet management software in India.

So if an organization is able to harness the power of fleet management solutions into doing all the above-mentioned tasks efficiently, there is no doubt that they will not only save lots of fortune but will also be able to increase their customer satisfaction. After all, isn’t it the ultimate goal of any business, to keep their consumers happy?

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