Vehicle Tracking System: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Whether you’re an individual looking to safeguard their vehicles (maybe looking to expand your business too), or a fleet owner searching for ways to make business more efficient, you’re here because you might have stumbled across the term ‘Vehicle Tracking System’ as a solution for many of your problems.

We’re here to tell you all about GPS vehicle tracking system in India, GPS tracking devices and more. We even cover GPS trackers for cars! So if you’re an individual without a business, you have topics in this article which could help give you a different perspective to trackers like never before.

Starting off with the very basics : What are GPS vehicle tracking systems exactly?

Vehicle Tracking Systems constitute of many different parts which allow successful tracking of vehicle(s), in order to manage them better, increase fuel efficiency, make reports, and more.

Most vehicle tracking systems use GPS (Global Positioning System) to track vehicles all over the world, which uses satellite radio-navigation technology. This accurately helps in pin-pointing the location of the vehicle in question, giving many owners all over the world peace of mind by knowing exactly what is going on in and around their vehicles.

We’ve summarized a couple of situations that you should be on the lookout for, that will make you realize why you need a GPS tracker for cars.

Situation #1: You’re constantly worried for your family’s/vehicle’s safety

This might be a common one if you work with drivers that you don’t know very well, from a third party all together. We understand how hard it must be to go through a state of constant worry for the safety of your loved ones, or the vehicle(s) you spent your hard earned money on. You obviously wouldn’t want to put either of these important attributes in the hands of somebody unknown. Even if you do know your driver(s), there’s always a risk that comes along with that.

With the help of GPS vehicle tracking systems, you can know the location of your loves ones (and vehicle!) from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to fret over bad network service in rural areas, or issues with over speeding as many GPS trackers for cars and other vehicles send alerts in cases of emergency, keeping your family safe.

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Situation #2: You’ve had problems where vehicle reports have been misplaced by employees previously

If you’re a fleet owner trying to manage your fleet without any external help, we suggest you to look into fleet management as an efficient way of upping your business efficiency and work output. Many fleet management systems provide their own GPS vehicle tracking system, which can be customized to your business and needs.

Basically, when it’s time to pay for overtime trips, or even regular weekly/monthly payments to your drivers, not having a report could cost you directly from your pocket. And overtime, it might just add up to a hefty amount.

But a vehicle tracking application creates reports, and the timeline in which these reports can be made (based on a specific employee/vehicle, destination and more options) which can be directly sent to mails for safekeeping. As there is no risk of personal tampering in these kind of reports, you can rest assured that you won’t be losing money due to incompetence in maintaining records anytime soon.

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Situation #3: If your vehicle driver/employee has had issues with rash driving and over speeding

Drivers and employees , many a times, can be unpredictable. And if you’re used to getting drivers from a third party agency, this holds true in most cases. After all, you won’t be able to see them over speeding or taking over vehicles in busy highways, but with GPS tracking devices, you’ll get custom speeding alerts on your chosen method of communication.

You’ll also get these kind of alerts in case any vital parts of the vehicle are being removed. You will know when an excess amount of fuel is being removed from the tank, and most importantly, the tracker system even allows you to know if there is a malfunctioning in any vital machinery when the vehicle is on road, which is considered life saving.

Situation #4: If you’ve had any troubles with Insurance claims and companies

Many GPS trackers for cars nowadays also come with features for tracking maintenance/service dates, repair alerts for various important parts such as the engine, along with dates by which you should replace your vehicle to keep up efficiency and increase sustainability.

Not only that, if you use a vehicle tracking system, you can have a hassle free claim system, in case your vehicle comes across some damage.

No running in between offices, or talking to busy representatives who don’t share your concern for your vehicles, no hassles during a disturbing time. All of it could be taken care of by the people managing your fleet, or your vehicle tracking device provider.

Other than these situations, other benefits of investing in a GPS tracker for cars are:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Increased efficiency and work output
  • Improving driver behaviour
  • Better and increased customer pool
  • Increasing sustainability and being an environment friendly organization

If you have faced, or are worried about facing, any of these situations, you should try investing in a GPS vehicle tracking system. But keep in mind, that like any other investment GPS tracking devices also give a return in the long run, whose results you won’t be able to see instantly, like cutting of fuel costs and theft prevention.

Many a times, employers are hesitant to adopt GPS tracking systems, under the fear of losing their employees’ trust. If this is stopping you too, you need to remember that this will benefit the employees who are honest to you and their work.

In fact, many a times, this will make your employees’ work easier, taking some of the burden off of them.

Not only this, these methods are to safeguard you and your business in times of trouble. You must explain to employees that this is a preventive method, and not an intrusion of their privacy in any form. We hope we’ve made taking this decision a tiny bit easier, and that you’ll be able to grow your business and make it flourish!

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