GPS Trailer Tracking: Why Should You Be Using It?

Smartphones have truly brought the world closer together. Today, you can order almost anything from any part of the world, only to have it delivered right to your doorstep. While the demand for this convenience is ever-increasing, fleet vehicles are left to play catchup to fulfil these demands. To reach you, a product has to go through multiple stages of the delivery cycle.

Out of these delivery cycle stages, middle-mile and last-mile delivery are heavily dependent on on-ground transportation, the majority of which are trucks and trailers. While these heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for protecting your precious cargo, who is responsible for safeguarding them? 

Fleet management has evolved to recognise trailer tracking as a separate branch of vehicle tracking. This blog is meant to provide you with the necessary information about GPS Trailer Tracking. This will include:

  • The meaning of GPS trailer tracking
  • How GPS trailer tracking works
  • Key benefits of GPS trailer tracking
  • How to enhance fleet performance using LocoNav’s fleet tracking

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What is GPS Trailer Tracking?

A GPS trailer tracking system gives real-time location data for your trailer fleet. You can utilise this data to interact with drivers while they’re on the road and offer clients progress updates.

While your trailers are operational, GPS trailer monitoring systems can provide you with vehicle location updates as frequently as every two minutes. Whether your trailer is on-road or in the parking lot, GPS trailer tracking benefits your fleet in a lot of ways.

How Does GPS Trailer Tracking Work?

Commercial GPS Trailer Monitoring Systems Typically Include Two Elements:

The first is batteries or solar-powered gadgets that are affixed to the trailer and emit a GPS tracking signal that connects with the backend via a cellular modem. This enables the user to determine the location of the trailer at any given time.

The second component of the system is the receiving software, which can graphically translate the signal from the trailer tracker into a map, displaying the exact location, whether the trailer is parked or moving, and, in some situations, whether or not it is tied to a vehicle.

Fleet managers recognise the value of providing real-time sight of their trailers, whether in the parking lot or on the road. The usage of trailer tracker gear and corresponding technology can not only make their job simpler but can also boost the bottom line of the organisation.

Key Benefits of Using GPS Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer Tracking can help your fleet boost efficiency and reduce operating expenses. The varied applications of GPS tracking for equipment trailers depend on your fleet’s requirements. But there are 3 significant benefits that GPS tracking for equipment trailers can bring your company:

  1. Increase Visibility When Working with 3rd Party Logistics

Despite the fact that many fleet vehicles utilise telematics in their own vehicles, some transportation businesses rely on independent third-party logistics companies. If the hired trucks do not have vehicle monitoring, fleet managers may find themselves in a difficult situation, especially if drivers or customers rely on this type of transparency.

As a solution, fleet managers can simply deploy their own GPS tracking for equipment trailers as a backup option. This will allow fleet owners to give drivers, admin staff, and relevant customers the necessary location updates and keep them in the loop at all times. This also gives transportation businesses more visibility and hold over their vehicle utilization. 

For example, fleet managers can use LocoNav’s Vehicle Tracking to gain location information of their trailers at all times and increase visibility across the board. 

  1. Protect Your Trailers From Theft And Unapproved Access

Trailer tracking systems provide real-time location information to fleets, but fleet managers can opt to be alerted via instant alerts at fixed times. This level of visibility is frequently adequate, especially for an unpiloted trailer or asset. However, in some cases, such as theft or unauthorised usage, it is critical to locate a trailer as soon as possible. This is when geofence alerts can be quite useful to fleets.

LocoNav’s geofence alerts also enable fleets to specify who gets an alert and how they receive it (email or SMS) to ensure that the right people are alerted via their preferred or most responsive mode of communication.

  1. Make Sure You Have A Rightsized Fleet

While trailers are expensive to own and run, the revenue they generate mostly compensates for their cost. But what if a trailer requires more investment than it brings in? This is precisely why it is important to own a fleet that is rightsized. 

For optimum trailer fleet rightsizing, a fleet manager needs to evaluate the performance of each trailer. To drill down on the performance of each vehicle, fleet owners can use LocoNav’s Vehicle Scorecard. It tracks each trailer’s performance and identifies areas where unnecessary vehicles can be eliminated. 

A baseline number for each trailer’s performance can be evaluated using LocoNav’s reports that provide each vehicle’s movement summary report. This can help managers correctly determine how each trailer is measuring up against its potential.

Make Your Fleet Work Better with LocoNav GPS Trailer Tracking Solutions

LocoNav makes your fleet work better. Here are 4 features you get when you employ LocoNav’s GPS Trailer Tracking Solutions:

  1. Reliable Reporting

In many circumstances, you will be unable to reach your trailers immediately, particularly if they are located in another geography, which is why it is critical that you have reliable information on a regular basis. Reliable reporting empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your fleet.

  1. Scalability

We grow as your business grows. Our GPS Trailer Tracking Solutions offer complete scalability. Whether you have 10 vehicles or 1000, whether you wish to take your fleet from 0 to 100, LocoNav is ideal for all fleet sizes.

  1. 24*7 Updates & Smart Alerts

You will definitely want to understand when a trailer is moving or if it is moving when it should not be. A competent GPS trailer tracking system will provide both movement and off-hour notifications. Look for power disconnect notifications as well, so you know when a vehicle has been unplugged from a trailer. 

If a trailer has been stolen or moved to an undesirable place, the sooner you learn about it, the sooner you can take action.

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