How to Close or Deactivate FASTag?

To understand how to deactivate FASTag, you need to understand why a FASTag is used. Long lines of vehicles and even longer wait times were frequent at highway toll plazas. But no longer, thanks to FASTag. FASTag, which was first launched in India in 2014, has changed how toll taxes are collected in the country. FASTag is a card that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to allow drivers to pay their toll tax immediately at toll booths.

Owners must recharge or top up the tag because the FASTtag is connected to a prepaid account, such as a wallet or a debit/credit card. If the tag is attached to a savings account, the money is taken automatically when the amount falls below a predetermined threshold.

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When is FASTag deactivation or cancellation required?

Each FASTag is linked to a payment account. If you do not deactivate FASTag while trading or transferring the vehicle, you may continue to be charged for toll payments made by the new user. Furthermore, each FASTag is associated with a specific vehicle. In this case, the new user will not receive a new FASTag for the exact vehicle until you deactivate FASTag.

How is the FASTag deactivation/closing process different for various providers?

The simplest way to deactivate FASTag account is to contact the FASTag provider’s customer service and request that the FASTag-associated account be closed/deactivated. For FASTag-related complaints, you can also phone 1033, the National Highways Authority of India’s helpdesk.

Deactivate SBI FASTag

Using the Toll-Free Number: 1800-11-0018

Step 1: By dialing this number, the support team executives will walk you through the entire process of deactivating your FASTag. 

Step 2: The support team will provide you with detailed instructions for deactivating your SBI Bank FASTag, which will be completed within a few hours.

Deactivate HDFC FASTag

To deactivate the HDFC Bank FASTag, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Log in to the FASTag portal using your User ID / Wallet ID and password.

Step 2: Select the Service Request option.

Step 3: Select the option to Generate a Service Request.

Step 4: Select Closure Request as the Request Type to close the RIFD Tag or Wallet.

Deactivate NHAI FASTag

The simplest approach to close it is to phone a FASTag helpdesk at 1033 and request that the account be closed. You can also contact the relevant FASTag provider to terminate the account.

Deactivate Axis FASTag

There are 2 methods to disable the Axis Bank FASTag:

  1. Send a FASTag cancellation request to from your registered email address.
  2. Call the bank’s customer service hotline (18004198585) and request that the FASTag be deactivated.

Deactivate ICICI FASTag

Using the toll-free number 1800-2100-104

Step 1: By dialing this number, the support team executives will walk you through the entire process of deactivating your FASTag. 

Step 2: The support team will send you detailed instructions for deactivating your ICICI Bank FASTag, which will be completed within a few hours.

Deactivate APB (Airtel Payments Bank) FASTag

You can deactivate FASTag provided by Airtel Payments Bank by calling the bank’s customer service number 400 or 8800688006 and requesting FASTag deactivation.

Deactivate FEDERAL Bank FASTag

Tag closure requests should be made to, along with the FASTag data from the registered email address. The tag will be canceled within 7 days of the request, and the refund will be transferred to the bank account within 14 days.


Is FASTag deactivation safe?

Yes, FASTag deactivation is safe.

For how long can you deactivate FASTag account?

You can temporarily disable the account associated with your tag. To seek temporary deactivation, contact your tag provider’s customer service department.

Is FASTag deactivation mandatory?

Yes, in some cases FASTag deactivation is mandatory. If you sell your four-wheeler without disconnecting or closing your FASTag, the new owner will keep your FASTag and the money will be debited from your prepaid wallet.

Does the security deposit get refunded after deactivating FASTag?

A one-time security payment of ₹99 is required at the time of FASTag purchase. The money will be returned to you when you deactivate FASTag.

Do you need to visit the bank or deactivate FASTag online?

No, you do not need to visit the bank to deactivate FASTag. It can be done online.

How do I confirm if my FASTag is deactivated?

You can check the status of your FASTag deactivation using the MyFASTag App in the status section.

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