5 Worst Fleet Challenges Telematics Can Fix 2022

When it comes to effectively managing a fleet, proper functioning operations are essential. Many fleet managers, however, are knee-deep in never-ending, tedious duties that are inefficient and, worse, rarely help their bottom line. While these duties are vital, if they are not completed quickly, they can be expensive in the long run

And, while these chores are necessary, performing them manually is the least efficient and most expensive way to complete them. This is where fleet management software and telematics enter the picture. Automating processes and tracking metrics for others improves fleet management efficiency and helps tackle telematics challenges.

What does the Future Hold for India’s Telematics Industry? 

Telematics is one of India’s rapidly expanding industries, fueled by rising gasoline prices, an increase in accidents and car thefts, mapping, and instances of fuel waste. Telematics, which enables vehicle monitoring, route computation, and fuel pilferage checks, along with the government’s growing participation in public safety and security, will provide the industry with a much-needed boost. 

Though telematics is currently only used to provide real-time vehicle location and fleet management solutions in India, the potential is enormous. The technology triangulates the current location using the onboard GPS and then relays the location in real-time to vehicle owners and/or authorities.

However, things are changing, and they are changing quickly. The Indian telematics market is booming, mainly due to advancements in the mobile communication industry that have made it feasible to detect and evaluate any variable in real-time despite the fleet telematics challenges in India.

Fleet Challenges with Telematics Solutions 

Asset Tracking

Problem: Unauthorized or improper usage of your fleet’s assets, such as driving outside of specified zones or after hours, reckless driving, and more, can cost your company money as well as significant liability problems.

Solution: Telematics software can assist you in monitoring all firm assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Data such as vehicle position, speed, and usage can be tracked, as well as harsh driving behavior such as swerving, forceful braking, and hard acceleration. You can receive real-time alerts on your phone or tablet when these events occur. 

This data can be collected and displayed in reports or on a dashboard to illustrate aggressive and wasteful behavior throughout the fleet. You may measure the overall performance of your fleet against KPIs that you establish. 

Optimum Vehicle Utilization

Problem: The larger your fleet, the larger number of assets you have and the more they require management and utilization. And the more headaches you may experience as a result. Assets may disappear or be underutilized, resulting in a loss of investment and the additional expense of replacement for your company.

Solution: Telematics will assist you in locating all of your assets. GPS tracking guarantees that all of your assets are being used effectively and that you are aware of which ones are not. This data can be used to make strategic purchase decisions about whether to procure new vehicles or other assets, what type to get, and whether to sell existing assets you no longer require.

Fleet Data & Reporting

Problem: The more data you have, the harder it is to manage. However, even small fleets generate a large amount of data that must be maintained and presented in a way that allows strategic decisions to be made. Every day, irrespective of the size of your fleet, there is a lot of data to review.

Solution: Telematics also gives the tools required to deal with all of this data. It eliminates unnecessary information and allows you to focus on what is important. For example, real-time notifications provide useful insights into events that occur in your fleet on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend time studying reports; you may deal with problems as they arise.

You can view your data via a dashboard, which shows you how your fleet is functioning and identifies areas of concern. Your fleet telematics solution has powerful reporting features, allowing you to pull data to analyze trends and patterns at the driver and vehicle levels. These technologies make it simple to identify and use the acquired data.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Problem: Another major issue for fleet managers is driver productivity. Driver conduct and safety are major concerns. Driver turnover is expensive, and good drivers are a valuable asset to any fleet. You’ve spent a lot on a driver after you’ve paid for their hire and training. This cost can be compensated by their driving habits and road safety.

Solution: Monitoring and monitoring your drivers’ behavior with GPS surveillance and telematics software allows you to review their behavior and decide how to retrain or assist them in adhering to safety regulations. You can leverage data from your software to gamify training and award drivers for good behavior, which will increase driver productivity.

Remote Monitoring

Problem: A business fleet frequently has cars scattered throughout a huge geographical area, spanning state lines, and occasionally across international borders. It is tough to follow all operations, detect drivers, and engage with them remotely in these situations.

Solution: When your fleet is dispersed throughout a vast geographical area, you must be able to locate them quickly and efficiently. Fleet management telematics allows you to know where your fleet is at all times. You can examine the full fleet or focus on a specific car. You may not only find them quickly, but you can also get factual information about their locations.


Telematics can help you monitor traffic and predict exact arrival times for your customers. You can notify them of any unforeseen delays or schedule adjustments so that they know when to anticipate you and are aware of any delays, or even if you will arrive early.
To keep their fleet profitable and efficient, fleet managers must pay attention to a variety of business management issues and solutions. Telematics software offers you the information and capabilities you need to confront these difficulties.

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